User Authentication questions

I am creating my first large application and it’s going to incorporate several platforms. Right now I plan on building the app in several micro-services that are isolated dependencies. I am starting out with a Phoenix application that I am going to plug the components into.

Once we have a web interface I am going to start working on the mobile interfaces. Should I be using a JWT for user authentication to plan for when I am building the mobile interfaces? I have only built web applications so I am a little unfamiliar with planning for apps that have several mobile interfaces connecting to it.


There is a hex called Guardian that pretty much takes care of all the stuff you mentioned in terms of JWT. I have a web application with very similar requirements. I think JWT was a great choice for me since it works for all scenarios. I have one api that multiple interfaces connect to.

For my case I have multiple React apps that connect to the api and if I want I can use the same api for mobile apps or any other clients for that matter.