Vehicular libraries/projects written using Elixir (e.g. OBD-II logger etc.)

This is a thread to gather some information about the efforts of using elixir in combination with cars or vehicular systems in general.

I’m really interested in this area and would love to use elixir and its eco system (e.g. Raspberry PI running nerves).
So far I’ve found the following:


  • NgCAN (a simple elixir library to read from and write to a CAN bus. since it uses socketCAN, it only runs on Linux.)


Maybe some of you have some more links, libraries, or information.
That would be really great :+1:t3:

There must be something, as IIRC QuickCheck was used in the automotive industry for testing some systems. But I cannot tell anything more.

About NgCAN, it seems that with OTP 23+ (or 24+) you do not need C code, as you can use socket module instead (it allows any protocol ID, and these can be found via socket:supports/{0,2}).

Thanks for your response.

Yeah with NgCAN you should be right. :+1:

Hey @fklement, did you make progress here? I’m converting a Ford Transit into a vanlife/tinyhome and am building a Nerves/Phoenix dashboard for management of lighting, heating, etc. I have an OBDLink MX+ bluetooth OBD-II reader and am attempting to query vehicle data. Did you find more prior art or develop a solution yourself?