Wallaby is looking for new maintainers

I’ve been working on Wallaby for a few years now but I’m not able to give it the time and attention it deserves. If anyone is interested in taking over maintainership then please reach out to me about it. I also wrote a fairly melodramatic blurgh post about it so check that out if you’re into that kinda thing: https://keathley.io/elixir/wallaby/2018/08/10/wallaby-is-looking-for-new-maintainers.html.


I’ve been listening to every episode of Elixir Outlaws, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was inspired by the conversations that you, Anna, and Amos have. Being a listener has encouraged me to read more white papers, and to learn more about distributed systems and property testing.

I am interested in becoming involved with Wallaby and will encourage others to contribute as well.


Thanks for the kind words. We appreciate it. Elixir Outlaws is a labor of love for learning, the community, and each other.

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Can you summarize the current issues and most desired future features for the project, please? And your personal opinion on where it should be heading in the future when a new maintainer takes over?


@davydog187 Thanks so much! That means a lot

@dimitarvp I’ve recently been trying to create a milestone for a 1.0 release of wallaby. The specific tasks are here: https://github.com/keathley/wallaby/milestone/4. The high level goals are to move the default driver from phantomjs to chrome and extend the query engine to further reduce the ability for people to have race conditions in their tests.

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For posterity, Wallaby is no longer in need of maintainers! :smile:

If you have any questions about Wallaby, please reach out to @michallepicki or myself.