Want to create a 2 players online game using an Elixir server

Hi ! I want to create a 2 players online game using Lua and an Elixir server.

I already have some experience with Lua but I am totally new to Elixir.

I was wondering if you had any ideas about where I could look at to learn more about online server using Elixir?

Thank you very much for your answer!

Hello and welcome,

I think Elixir is a good fit for game server because You can isolate a game state in a process.

There are many example on the web… (some are outdated, but concept stay the same)

There are games in those paid resources too

But if You want to use it with Lua, maybe this

Many projects have been done because Elixir helps isolating games, and with phoenix channels, You might also reach for graphical game.

For example, combining Elixir with Three.JS, Babylon.JS, Phaser.JS, Godot, Unity3D etc.