We just started This Week In Elixir (newsletter)

Hi Everyone,

My company is using Elixir based solutions in production for IoT and Smart Home platforms for large scale clients.

The team has just started Elixir Weekly and we’d love to see you guys sign up at


We publish every week. Hand-pick articles and links. Never spam or use your email address for anything else.

Give it a try. First issue is coming out this Friday.



I got confused for a second then, thought I’d already seen/subscribed to Elixir Weekly :lol:

Wonder if it might be worth calling it something else? Or adding your company name so people don’t confuse the two? (Just a suggestion)


I second @AstonJ. I was confused since I already have a subscription to an Elixir Weekly.

Subscribed anyway.


Hi Ralf,

I am the publisher of ElixirWeekly, the second largest Elixir newsletter (in terms of active subscribers, the largest one is Elixir Radar). Its news are for the most part sourced via ElixirStatus, the biggest community for announcing your Elixir related updates. Both are side-projects of mine and have been for some time.

The name of your newsletter is really off-putting because (1) it seems you and/or your team did not even bother to google existing Elixir newsletters and (2) it gets really irritating when I notice that you work for grandcentrix, where I gave a talk just a couple of weeks back. :-/

Simply adding the company name would just add insult to injury here. Please consider renaming your soon-to-be-released product so it can differentiate itself in the community.


Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry if this created some confusion and totally understand it did. This was in no way intentional. We’ve immediately renamed our site to This Week in Elixir.

Our Platforms team comprises 10+ full time engineers, all already working with Elixir or in the process of moving to more and more Elixir assignments. I’m a strong believer in communities and anticipate, that one additional source curated with love by a complete team will only add value.

I never thought about this as a competition.

Thanks to everyone who subscribed to This Week in Elixir already.


Thanks for acting so quickly. I subscribed and am looking forward to your first issue :slight_smile:

Heads up: The sender of the email is still called “Elixir Weekly”.


Changed that, too!

Thanks for acting so quickly @ralf :023:

In fairness to you, ElixirWeekly was only announced at the beginning of last month so I imagine there is still a lot of people who haven’t heard of it - @rrrene, get your marketing cap on :lol:

Thanks and absolutely no worries. grandcentrix, the company I co-founded, runs some of the largest user groups for iOS and Android and we’ve got a growing team of full-time Elixir folks working on really fascinating platforms.

For us (and me personally) community work has never been about competition. We’re not planning to make any money from This Week in Elixir. We have a very solid main business to take care of. :wink:

We will, however, put some marketing budget into growing This Week in Elixir, as we strongly believe, the community deserves way more exposure.

To sum it up: There’s room for many!

Nice one - getting more exposure in the iOS and Android world would definitely be a win for Elixir. I think Elixir is one of those rare things that ‘sells itself’, we just need to get more people to hear about it! :lol:

With regards to competition, I think it is generally a good thing as I believe it leads to innovation and overall better products for the end users. I also don’t think it is a bad thing to ‘make money’ - look at Ruby Weekly, it is part of a business… and one of the best newsletters around! Would it be as good if it didn’t have paid staff who take the time to hunt out all those articles? I’m guessing not.

I am considering starting the “Elixir Quarter Monthly” newsletter :stuck_out_tongue:


Give it a try!

I was just making a joke.

Update: Less than 24 hours later and we already crossed the 100 subscribers mark! We’re excited!