Welcome to the Elixir Forum!



Welcome to the Elixir Forum!

There’s no time like the present to jump into Elixir - the functional language that’s taking the programming world by storm :heart_eyes:

As well as catering to the community’s more general needs, we have a strong focus on learning, so if you’ve been curious about Elixir or are just starting out - join up - you’ll be in great company!

This forum is also driven by the community. The more you participate here, the more trust you’ll earn and the more mod-type tools you’ll unlock - our way to reward regular members and your way to help give back to the community.

That’s not all, [we have lots of other features and some really cool monthly giveaways… so what are you waiting for? Take a sip of Elixir, sign up and join in the fun :purple_heart:


A little more info.

You can use Markdown to format your posts.

You can use this forum as a mailing list.

You can follow our Twitter account - which tweets a link to every thread that’s posted here.

You can progress through, and help this community via Trust Levels.