Elixir Forum 2024 Update!

Welcome to our annual update everyone :icon_biggrin:

2023 was a great year for Elixir, and 2024’s shaping up to be just as pivotal, but before we glimpse into the future let’s have a quick look at how things went last year…

As many of you will have noticed it was one of our most colourful years, thanks to the introduction of dedicated sections (with their respective colours) for Nx, Livebook, Ash, Elixir Desktop, and Hologram. We’re set to get even more colourful this year, with two new additions! One for LiveView Native and another for ECSx. In case you’re wondering, LiveView Native is for mobile development and ECSx is a game framework built in Elixir!

Together with Nerves, Scenic, Membrane and of course Phoenix, the ecosystem expanding into these new and exciting areas is testament to how far Elixir has come, and this has been reflected in our stats too, where we broke another record last year - by serving just under 2M pages in a single month! Some of you might remember we served just over a million in our entire first year, so this really is a fantastic milestone!

With Elixir now officially becoming a gradually typed language 2024 is shaping up to be another important year, and to put us in good stead for the next few years and in preparation for our new projects (more on that in a bit) we have now completed our move to a new server - which has 32 cores and two 2TB SSDs :icon_cool: (our last server had 8 cores and two 500GB SSDs).

Before we move on to what might be coming next, let’s tell you about the giveaways and discounts we’ve got lined up for you… we’ve got a new addition this year which we think you’re gonna love!

2024 Giveaways!

For those of you who want even more chances to win, we have similar giveaways on Devtalk and the Erlang Forums too!

2024 Discounts!!

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Members of the Year!

Our MOTY scheme is one of our most loved initiatives and it’s back again this year, with 50 MOTYs! Remember, these are awarded purely based on forum participation - so get involved if you want to be awarded this highly prestigious accolade :innocent:

2023 Members of the Year!

With over 20K members it’s difficult to whittle this list down to just 50 because we have so many amazing members - so please forgive us if we missed you! We’ve done our best to select based on the most active posters, those with the most accepted solutions and ‘likes’, etc.

If you’re named here, thank you and well done! Please also read the bit at the end as we have an ebook for you!



























































:041: :041: :041: :041: :041:

As a thank you, we have an ebook for each of our winners! We have 25 books from PragProg and 25 from Manning so if you are listed above, please PM @AstonJ with your first choice from one publisher and your second choice from the other, as well as your full name, country of residence and email address - we’ll then allocate these on a first come first serve basis :023: (They don’t have to be an Elixir book either, they can be any book so long as they are published by either PragProg or Manning.)

Forum plans for 2024

With last year’s addition of the chat room and further section expansions as mentioned above the forum is now nicely geared to serve us well for the foreseeable future. Discourse is also in the process of adding some of our most-wanted features, such as thread fields (to help enforce proper submission of threads in certain sections) and the ability for mods to provide feedback for items in the review queue, so this has given us some breathing space and got us thinking about how best to add more value to the community, and perhaps particularly, in ways that could help support and encourage growth for Elixir’s next phase of adoption.

Like the forum, many of these projects are going to be very community centric - if you like what we’ve done on the forums then we think you’re going to love what we’ve got in mind, and while we’re not quite ready to give you the full details just yet, here’s a sneak peek of one of them:

Intrigued? Excited!? We hope so! :048:

Keep an eye on our members only sections as we’ll be posting more details soon!

Wrapping up

2023 was an important year for Elixir. The ecosystem expanding as it has marks a level of maturity that few languages get to enjoy, and even though we’ve had 10 years of Elixir already (which itself is built on decades of Erlang) this really is just the beginning!

None of this would have been possible without you, so pat yourselves on the back because you’ve been an important part of this journey - if you’ve taken part in the community in a positive manner, no matter how that might have been, you’ve added value and helped Elixir and our community move forward. So well done and thank you, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are to see where Elixir will be ten years from now. One thing is for sure, wherever it will be, with your continued support it will surely be somewhere amazing! :sparkles:

Thank you everyone, we hope you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2024!


Thank you to the mods and everyone who contributes to the forum and the ecosystem. Moving Ash support here was one of the best choices we made in 2023! 2024 will 100% be a big year for Elixir :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


Thanks for the shoutout, and thanks for your efforts keeping the forum up and running!

I have a feeling that 2024 is gonna be a great year for Elixir and OTP! This freight train is still picking up steam!


Why, are you planning something phenomenal? :joy:


I’d like to second this!

Forums have been my favorite form of online community going on two decades now, and finding such a lively, friendly, and well-managed one in ElixirForum has been a major contributor in my interest in the language.


Always :slight_smile:


Third! Couldn’t agree more.

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Thanks for the unexpected shoutout. As a hobbyist this forum is at least as important to me as the technology of Elixir itself. The work that goes into the maintenance and moderation to ensure this remains a welcoming and useful resource for everyone is greatly appreciated. To the extent that I have contributed it is only by reflecting the community overall. Looking forward to another phenomenal year!


I am very surprised that I made the list – thank you.

From my point of view I was mostly doing drive-by contributions, and I had good amount of embarrassing “not paying enough attention” too, enough that I started being conservative about writing. But hmmm, apparently I still did good enough. :thinking:

To me this forum is very dear and I am very grateful that it got upgraded. The user experience is now much less laggy and very responsive, which definitely helps me to want to engage with it a bit more.


Hey, many great discussions wouldn’t happen without Cunningham’s Law. I never feel bad about unwittingly enacting it :stuck_out_tongue:


You have helped me a ton. Happy to see you up there.


Thank you to everyone on the MOTY list, you’re all hugely valuable to the community and thank you to the admins and mods for keeping this place humming along.


Was also very surprised to see my handle on the list, though 2023 was my most active year on the forum (so far, hehe). Try to browse through new topics once a day, hoping something will spike my interest, always come away with having learned something new.

Thanks so much to everyone for being just the nicest, most helpful community and also a huge thank you to the mods and others who help keep it that way! :heart:


I only just noticed I was included in the shoutouts — I’m very flattered. :blush:

Thank you so much to the diligent mod team for ensuring this forum accurately reflects the Elixir community’s values: helpful, curious, and kind! I couldn’t think of a better place to have conversations about the future, and you make that possible.