What are freelancers/agencies opinions on hosting for clients?

I was curious what everyone’s opinions were when it came to hosting for clients. I know with downtime from the host creates the emergency phones calls, but there is also the potential for extra revenue to host for the clients. I know a lot of freelancers will help their clients setup with a hosting service after setting them up their own account and I was curious if Elixir’s eco-system changed any of this. What would you recommend if you were just establishing yourself as a freelancer (like myself) when it came to hosting?

I haven’t done self hosting in a long time. Downtime really wasn’t an issue, it does not happen often if you are proactive. But it can happen sure enough. It is an extra stream of :moneybag: income, so I would go for it :+1:

TACP! Good to go. As far as I am concerned, you are Infantry :large_blue_circle:!

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