What are people using for equivalent of access logs when using Cowboy 2 and Phoenix 1.4 on their own?




In the past I’ve used nginx in front of phoenix and taken advantage of nginx's relatively standard access log set up. What are people using for access logs when you are just using cowboy and phoenix?


Hey I am currently using https://timber.io for processing logs from phoenix. It has a lot of cool features, is quite cheap and works quite well.

Some of the things I like about is

  • user context tracking (you can tail a user)
  • seaching is quite great
  • their UI is really nice / simple

It’s saved me countless hours of meddling with log files because I can just login somewhere and go back / search through my logs when problems happen.


I was searching for a solution to this the other day and found https://github.com/mneudert/plug_accesslog which looks good at first glance. That said, I haven’t used it yet so not sure how well it works.


I send all information to the console, which since it’s hosted by systemd then goes to the syslog, in addition to some specific information to some specific log files in specific places for specific auditing purposes.


Yeah, I’m using distillery's foreground command and systemd. Just getting the hang of journalctl options. Feels pretty low level which is why I was curious what others do.