What are some of your most useful keyboard keyboard/mouse macros?

I just got my first programable keyboard in the mail today and already I have found some cool uses for it. The keyboard I purchased was the UHK (uhk.io) and it is very customizable. One of the first macros I created was to open my workstation like I normally would when I first sit down to work. What are some useful macros you use?


What do you mean by that exactly? :lol:

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Haha I wrote this up when I was half asleep.

My first macro opens up a terminal and changes to my dev directory. Right now I am using chrome driver daily so it starts that up as well.

I also made a few more macros:

iex -S mix phx.server
mix ecto.reset
mix ecto.create
mix ecto.migrate

each of these are assigned to a button on a layer on my UHK. I am going to try to think of commands I use daily and eventually have an entire layer dedicated to my elixir commands. So far I am really liking the new keyboard and how customizable it is.

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I’ve set some for more convenient placement (backspace, delete, home, end). The combos I’ve macroed to single keys are:

ctrl-c ctrl-c
: q ! enter
: w q enter
up up enter
up up up enter
f c enter c w c a t esc $
f c enter c w l s esc $
g i t space s t a t u s
p s space hyphen e f

I’m not sure if I use all of them enough to warrant keeping, but I use the first few all the time.