What are you using for team communication?

I work at a small accounting company, our tech team is just 3 developers and 1 manager (not technical).
Right now I’m trying to find some tool to help us organize our tasks and issues a little better, email is becoming a mess.
What I’m looking for is a simple task board and some kind of chat or message board.

Alternatives I’m looking into:

  • Slack - lacks the board

  • Trello - lacks the chat

  • Glip - I like it very much but kinda lacks the board since it have a task list

  • sandstorm.io - looks promising

Which tools you guys use? Do you think we really need a complete solution for such a small team?

Physical whiteboards and E-Mail, not kidding, but we are all local. ^.^

At my last job, which was 95% remote it was Microsoft OCS and E-Mail. I’d not recommend it, at all.

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Slack for chat and Trello for tasks. This is pretty common. I don’t know of any one-size-fits-all. Trello has Slack integration.


Which tools you guys use? Do you think we really need a complete solution for such a small team?

Slack + https://waffle.io/ works just fine for a comparably small team
at the startup where I’m working now.

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We just shout at each other :slight_smile: Team of 5 and offices all in the same hallway.

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I made my own tool that I use for project management and communication. we have real time chat by means of IRC implemented in it. its been working like a charm for many years and I am updating it for Elixir now. This is so much fun seeing some things that was complicated in c++ go into one line of code.

When I have hired people to work with me on location, I have a physical color coded paper board with Post it`s. old school Trello if you like. And if I can steal a white board I always do that. sometimes its better to visualize than to talk.

//Shameless promotion
When I am finished with converting my tools to elixir I hope to release it. It has most of what you need. and then some.


I’d be curious to see. :slight_smile:

Cool! I would love to beta test it for you :smile:

Slack for chat, whiteboards, Trello and/or Pivotal Tracker for planning, and copious amounts of stickies :slight_smile:

For chat type stuff we use Mattermost - that way it’s all local and backed up, and we can add features, tweak the UI etc

For projects, we use a mixture of a local JIRA instance - that’s mainly for actual development work, as theres < 10 of us devs its only $10 - and Trello for everyone else

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Just found https://hive.com/
It has a chat, and a board, and dropbox and google drive integrations.

You can use Fluxes for managing projects with multiple team members. It’s a free web based tool that allows unlimited use. So you don’t need to worry about paying a large amount after getting use to it. Their interface is pretty simple too which you can master without any tutorials. I bet you will love this tool if you were using emails to collaborate between team members. This is a great platform to manage projects from one place.


Jira + MS Teams, HipChat, Skype

Well, its been a while since I asked this.
I am now in a much bigger company where its “company policy” to use Jira + Slack + Hangouts.
Today we started experimenting with discord on my team and we are liking it, on the other hand I dont really like Jira but I cant escape it.


I am now in a much bigger company where its “company policy” to use Jira + Slack + Hangouts.

FWIW, in my experience Slack video conferencing is higher quality
and much more reliable than video calls using Google Hangouts.

Really? We have quite the opposite experience here, Slack has a lot of drop-outs where hangouts always seems more reliable (though admittedly sometimes more fuzzy, but we can have quite a number of people in one chat).