What are your Elixir plans for 2019?

Do you have any Elixir goals for the year? Perhaps you want to start (or finish!) some project/s? Maybe you want to read some books? Please share! :003:

What are your Elixir related plans or targets for 2019?


Heading here next week: https://lonestarelixir.com/2019/. Definitely looking forward to it. Separately, I hope to launch a first app in the next few months, sooner depending on how fast I can finish getting my head around the language. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s the short term stuff.


Goals? I have a few (in no specific order):

  1. I would like to be a member of the month (or of the year) in this forum.
  2. I would also like to be top 10 in at least some categories of the forum (posts made, replies, minutes read, etc).
  3. Read 2 Elixir books
  4. Learn about architecture and testing with Elixir
  5. Help develop the book club in Elixir (how is it going?)

And I think I have enough with this :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to release my first and at least one open source product. And harden my elixir skills.


Launch side project website that uses phoenix.

Finish part 2 of phoenix > 1.4 and refactor that project.

Finish pragprgo Ecto book and refactor that same project.

If I have time then I would like to read manning elixir in action book and start my next side project which uses elixir.


I am thinking of starting an open-source effort for making generators of common Phoenix / Absinthe / General REST API / etc. applications. You would be able to specify a DB adapter, intended purpose (server-side rendered website, GraphQL gateway, REST API gateway, etc.). I’d probably force every generated directory to be an umbrella app but not sure yet. Maybe a switch indicating you would want property-based tests and data generators should be in there as well and provide you isolated directories for these purposes (lib/data_generators/ and test/property/ for example).

There is a repeated labor when creating projects and people can get caught off-guard every time. Creating projects is not done often so our brain manages to forget the gotchas.


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I would like to be a member of the month (or of the year) in this forum.

Member of the month is gone, instead they are awarding 50x Member of the year. Is there an actual reward for this or is it all for the prestige?

EDIT: Forgot to add my goals!

  1. I will finish reading Programming Phoenix. I also aim to get through Elixir In Action. I’ve already gone through Functional Programming with Elixir (it was great!)
  2. Build and release at least ONE app/web app. I have a couple of ideas in mind
  3. Once I’m a bit more competent, I would like to contribute to one of the many open-source Elixir projects

Yes :023:

Every MOTM/Y gets an ebook :003:

Most people appreciate the recognition though :smiley: the book’s a bonus :lol:


I want to be able to get every elixir flashcard I have right without thinking by EOY.


Today I received my copy of Martin Fowler’s Refactoring 2nd edition and I will try to “translate” it for functional programming.


My goal is to finish the migration of our Hospital Information System from VB6 (yes, Visual Basic 6!) to Phoenix.


Plans are so vague :slight_smile: I plan to go to Lonestar ElixirConf next week and ElixirConf US in the Fall. I also think I might have something worthwhile to open source, if I can find the time to abstract and generify it properly. I’m pleased with a technique I’ve built for connecting to 3rd party json APIs. It involves a Request struct which, inspired by Plug.Conn and Ecto.Changeset, incrementally builds up the command to execute. The icing on the cake is it still lets you provide mocked responses while allowing for async tests.


@gregvaughn Sounds interesting + useful! Got any preliminary docs/source to share? :wink:

In 2019, I plan to deliver the post-beta v1 of a distributed web app system with the backend written entirely in Elixir and Phoenix. Managed to train + shift my team over to GraphQL successfully early this year, which really increased our velocity in predicted but still pleasantly surprising ways


My goal is to have loads of fun with LiveView!

eyeballs @chrismccord REALLY hard :cowboy_hat_face:


This year I want to refactor that commercial freelancing elixir project for free just for the sake of fun and applying current elixir best practices.

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It’s still a work in progress in my current codebase as I separate the generic reusable parts from the application specific parts and how those should best interact at what seams. This is the first time I’ve mentioned it beyond my current team. Perhaps after Lonestar I can start an alpha-quality github project. Thanks for your interest!

  • Continue writing Elixir at my day job
  • Attend Lonestar 2019 + Training
  • Attend ElixirConf in Denver
  • Publish a few hex packages
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I just bought a ridiculous bell/alarm from Amazon. I think i’ll hook it to Slack or Discord and ruin someones day with a Nerves application