What Conferences do people suggest

What conferences around Elixir (and Erlang) are people looking at going to in 2019? I am thinking About Code Beam STO and maybe Code Mesh 2019, but was thinking that there might be other conferences that I might not know about that would be worth going to. They do not have to be Elixir specific, just places that Erlang/Elixir folks or people who are interested in Erlang/Elixir are likey to be at


What about ElixirConf? :003:

Check out the #community:confs-meet-ups section to see all the others we have threads about too :023:


It is on my list, I was more interested if there were some less obvious ones.

That being said as I am in Israel I am much more likely to go to things in Europe than North America, just on the basis of cost and distance

ElixirConf EU and the Code Sync confs? :slight_smile: