What Elixir/Phoenix products have you built or are using regularly?

Hi everyone! I’m building my app in the PETAL stack and I’m also starting to use Slab for documentation–are there any other tools/products that you use that are written in Elixir?

I want to support the community as much as I can. I know there are lists of companies that use Elixir, but I’m more interested in ones that you specifically use regularly and enjoy, esp if it can help with the operations of my startup.



As it’s fresh in my mind, if you’re looking for a phoenix-based mastodon compatible server there’s Pleroma :smiley:

Btw I edited your title slightly so that those who offer Elixir based products can also share them here. Hope that’s ok! :blush:


Discord, I do not really know about anything other than that.


I’m looking into starting to use Plausible Analytics.


Ahhh, I forgot about this one. I have even publicly shared my metrics.


Hey Molly, I know Plausible Analytics is quite popular among Indie Hackers as a replacement to Google Analytics. It’s an Phoenix application


Thanks! I actually use Plausible already and didn’t realized they used Elixir!!! They’ve been fantastic so far.

I also use Fly.io and have been super happy with them so far.


Fly uses go, iirc. Pagerduty uses elixir.

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Pleroma, it is better than Mastodon.

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Not sure it’ll help your startup, but I run this service that shows statistics of your programming: Code::Stats. It’s made with Phoenix and the profile page uses LiveView for dynamic updates. It’s also all open source (but not my best work source wise :sweat_smile:): CodeStats / code-stats · GitLab



As of now, I am using it as console replacement, learning, REPL, storing documentation etc.

Later I will be able to use it for Business Intelligence, AI, etc.


I work on Paraxial.io, it’s an anti-bot tool (similar to reCaptcha or Cloudflare in function), made for Elixir, and written in Elixir.

Since you have a login page, https://goblinapp.com/users/login, you may run into bots taking public dumps of username/password pairs, then running thousands of login attempts against your site. You can use Paraxial.io to block this attack.


Hi! :wave:

I’m building Macro, it’s a simple project management tool designed to minimise the number of meetings you need. It has some overlap with Goblin and Slab, but perhaps is closest to Basecamp in the feature set, with:

  • project overview pages (a bit like a GitHub readme)
  • project updates
  • tasks
  • discussion threads
  • markdown support

It’s all Elixir/Phoenix with a (mostly) static frontend.

You could absolutely use it to manage your startup projects and todos (I use for that everyday). E.g. Here’s a project I have:



this happened at my last job and it was a nightmare. definitely bookmarking this!

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we should chat! that sounds super cool!

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Discord and Score. I worked at Score in 2019/20.


which Score did you work for? there are a few sites/apps name that

This one: https://www.thescore.com/

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How could I have missed this one. Of course I use LiveBook too, probably my most used Elixir/Phoenix app :slight_smile:


I have my eye on a Wireguard solution which is made with Elixir:

I am not at a stage where I can start experimenting with wireguard, but I would like it to be via GUI than CLI.

Also this uses kernel wireguard not user space one like others.

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