What Elixir related stuff are you doing?



I’ve started working on a board game play tracker for some friends. Mainly just as a way to focus my Elixir learning efforts. Lots and lots of conference videos too. Started with just Elixir videos bit branching out to general software design and architecture too.


Currently building a phoenix app. An idea I’ve had for a while. I also read something related to elixir/phoenix just about every day of the week.


I’m building a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker with Phoenix and doing some elixir related exercises in exercism.io


I read this forum ^-^


Not much actual coding, other than Exercism, Codewars, and tutorials… but I’m also now attending the newly-revived NoVa Elixir Meetup! (As opposed to the DC one that’s more of a shlep to get to.) :slight_smile:


Reached a reasonable point of stability on my work around localisation. For your I18n and L10n needs (or amusement) the following are on hex and github. I am pushing to get all of the following to version 1.0 by years end so any and all feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Recently launched or updated

  • ex_cldr is at version 0.6.2 for localising and formatting numbers and currencies in over 500 locales
  • ex_cldr_dates_times is a new add-on for ex_cldr that provides dates and times localisation and formatting
  • ex_cldr_lists is an add-on for list localisation
  • ex_cldr_units is an add-on for SI unit localisation
  • ex_money is updated to the latest version of ex_cldr and provides operations on and Ecto serialisation of a money with currency data type. And a few basic financial functions.

Next up:

  • Refactor the calendar element of ex_cldr_dates_times into its own package with additional calendars and calendar calculations
  • A CLDR Language Tag parser and a Plug to hook up ex_cldr and friends to a web or other request. This is a very early work in progress on github
  • CLDR collation to support locale-specific sorting (let me know if this is of interest to you?)


I’m so hoping this will get the default dependency for timex and other packages, which need to translate one of the covered topics.


I’ve been working on an escript website image scrapper, you can find it here:

This has been a really fun way of learning Elixir.


Updating an erlang client for Sphinx Search (full text search engine) for Elixir. Just released updates to make it work in OTP architecture and support search suggestions and such. Sphinx isn’t as popular these days but I still prefer it to elastic/lucene and such so it’s useful for me at least

Thinking next update will be to use genstage to support per-client rate controls to help make it easier to make search autocomplete clients


I’m starting an open source project for our Elixir Delhi community a telegram chatbot called alchemist.

If you want to join our local Elixir Delhi telegram group



Keeping up with whatever Elixir related, especially the one that got bumped in twitter.
Writing blog posts about Elixir, comparing it to whatever solution I have right now.

Elixir is my hobby/weekend/freetime project.


FINALLY knuckled down and did the zipper exercism exercise. This gave me a LOT more clarity into what a zipper is and how they work, than any amount of reading. My solution is at: http://exercism.io/submissions/de2cc214790f4a36bf9e0a9419e2cdba


Starting porting an open access repository to Elixir :slight_smile:


I’ve been watching and discussing a bunch of elixir conference videos. Trying to watch at least one a day :slight_smile:


That sounds cool, are you open sourcing it?


Yes! https://github.com/andreihod/cryptofolio-api


I’m working on a CQRS/ES framework for Elixir. https://hex.pm/packages/chronik


Just attended my first Elixirconf, came back very interested in incorporating elixir into our architecture at work.
Reading the Little OTP & Elixir book, looking for the right demo to show off the possibilities of the platform.


I am currently studying it.


Not much serious lately… but recently found out about DocTest and will be studying up about it to give a talk at the local user group!