What Elixir related stuff are you doing?



I’ve been posting Elixir Conference videos for discussion under the #elixirconf2017 tag. My favorite so far is “Elixir Native UI”: 3) ElixirConf 2017 - Elixir Native UI - Boyd Multerer Still waiting for the code to be released.

  • Checking this forum daily
  • Contributing for elixir core, opening PRs for the very easy and silly issues I’m able to handle :lol:
  • Reading “The Little Elixir and OTP Guidebook” I won from this forum MOTM title (really awesome book @bentanweihao and thank you @elixirforum)
  • Getting used to Spacemacs
  • Professionally: I’ve been writing a finance dashboard for a brazilian mortgage company. The interesting part of it is a miner that runs periodically, getting the data from a legacy system API and saving it to the BigQuery dataset the dashboard reads from. The next step on it is to parallelize the calls to this API, and we will need to use something with GenStage to control the producing part, because the API just can’t take it (we’ve tried Flow and we just DDoS’ed it). :lol:
  • Side project: http://github.com/golgota/churchify - it is in the very beginning and I’ve not updated it lately, but this is a phoenix app for church management. I’m doing it for the church I am member but I intent to write a complete, open source and easily deployable solution for any church. Hopefully I can make money with its maintenance, but if I don’t, I’ll be pretty happy just finishing it, because I’m very good at starting things and never finishing them! :lol:


Most of all I’m improving Code::Stats and preparing its 2.0 release (which I hope will come at this year… or at least during the next winter. :smiley:

But also these just arrived!

I’ve also ordered some RFID tags and readers and intend to make a kind of tag game. Think laser tag but with physical tags you have to scan on someone elses back while protecting your own back. I have a couple of older Rπs that will be used as respawning spots and one Rπ 2 Model B that will be the “judge”. I’m planning to write and deploy to them with help of Nerves. There’s a lot to learn!


Ive been trying to use create-react-app generator for react on the front-end and elixir phoenix on the back-end.


Did my Hacktoberfest Pull Requests in Elixir! Three on https://github.com/openpantry/open_pantry/ and a few more on https://github.com/bolducp/elixir-blackjack/ (which was the product of the “functional” round of a code retreat I attended last weekend – yes we cheated by not deleting our code, but we wanted to continue working on it).


Studying Authentication in Phoenix :slight_smile:


Weather station using Elixir/Nerves/Rasberry Pi3

Finishing The Little Elixir and OTP Guidebook

Starting work on a new startup idea, Elixir is perfect for it!


I’ve been setting up some home automation set up using Nerves/Raspberry Pi Zero W, hit a bump in the road when my VM got corrupted, but I should resolve that soon…

Thinking about making an elixir client for Pandora using the unofficial api.


Currently working on a side-project while learning Elixir and Phoenix… It will be a clone of del.icio.us bookmarking app.


Still just Exercism exercises, but at least I finally had a use for the with macro, which I must say I like! (It’s at http://exercism.io/submissions/9472384cbc084798873e1c770607010e.) Also have a lead on a possible consulting gig in Elixir, so I can finally get some paid Elixir experience, though I might not have time to take it.


Also have a lead on a possible consulting gig in Elixir, … though I might not have time to take it.

If not, make sure it gets posted to #jobs on the Elixir Slack :grinning:


So far I’m just learning Elixir, doing some hacker rank excercises with it, following the most basic tutorials I can find online, and reading the guetting started guide from the elixir page. A few more tutorials and excercises and then I’ll start looking into Phoenix :slight_smile:


Been working through Elixir problems on exercism.io, it’s been pretty fun and I’ve been learning/practicing a bunch. Join the Elixir Forum team! EF Team over on exercism


I have just started work on a basic stocktaking app for my daughter - she owns a small convenience store. I’m using ReactJS on the frontend and Phoenix, of course, on the backend, and I finally have the chance to use some of the libraries that I have been maintaining :slight_smile:


I am at the level where I am writing something non-trivial for the first time with elixir and phoenix. I did my first MVC application in Chicago Boss, an early all-erlang framework. When I’m learning something new I always try to solve a problem I see in my travels as a consultant. That way the customer requirements are fresh in my head when I am designing. This time, I’m writing a supply chain management system that explores a combination of eager and lazy architecture to help solve the stresses of a large, distributed organization.

My approach this time was to take Dave Thomas’ programming course https://pragdave.me/ to get me to the level where I could think in elixir and phoenix. Then I ran through the course a second time but wrote my own api along side of Dave’s videos. Once I had the api worked out I turned to the guides and books for ecto and phoenix. If you’re starting out fresh with elixir and phoenix, I recommend this approach.


That’s a great idea :023:


Doing some basic exercises i found on google, just to make my code looks like more elixirish (my code still look like js) :unamused: , and also reading Phoenix book.


I am re-learning Phoenix. I stopped learning and using Phoenix because I got lost and confused when 1.3 was released. Now that there are more resources about Phoenix 1.3, I feel more confident on working on my app again.


Actually studying programming elixir 1.3.


I started a company that makes practice management software for direct primary care physicians. Our clinic in South Carolina uses phoenix for our electronic medical records, billing, and scheduling. Elixir is perfectly designed for the next generation of medical applications.