What Elixir related stuff are you doing?



Currently working on https://Talkery.io - a conference aggregator website. Currently on the backend it uses elixir, phoenix, cachex (for the in memory caching), oauth2, youtube api’s etc and on the frontend uses React + Redux


I’m currently working on building out some new features in Elixir and beginning a process of splitting up an Elixir mini-monolith into separate applications (within the same umbrella app). Running into a few annoyances but so far it’s going alright. I am looking forward to the future where it’s all built out!

That sounds really neat and useful! Please open source the code after if you can.


Building a MVP which converts json data to chart images (hosted on S3). Very pleased how my programming style has evolved after learning elixir :slightly_smiling_face:

Credit goes to Dave Thomas’ course and the book by Lance Halvorsen :+1:


Writting a meeting selector that can show if meeting room is free or full, how many seats it has and etc. It can also book meeting room from web interface and send a calendar invitation.

After this we are doubling with idea of rewritting our tool for access and roles. It is now in Ruby, but it is just unbelievably complicated and slow. Lot of bloat after several years.


Looking into nimble_parser so that I can port my Makeup library into nimble_parser instead of ExSpirit (which is awesome, although slower than it could be, please check it out).


Just like some cool guys I admire (@OvermindDL1, @jmitchell) have done, I’m exploring with an idris compiler backend for elixir. Let’s see if that way I get to learn Idris this time. :slight_smile:


Making a Defold module for using Phoenix channels in Defold games.


Next month will be my first Elixir professional work !! :smiley:


Congrats! What will that entail doing? :slight_smile:


pretty cool, how is it writing games with defold?


It’s related to financial and human resource service. :slight_smile:


Defold is my very favorite game development engine/tool right now. It is extremely excellent for 2D games. Engine basically never crashes. Very light weight. Tons of quality of life features. Can be extended with native code. It’s not great yet for advanced 3D games but support for that is growing.


Interesting, 2d with some slight 3d illusion is what I would be interested in either way. Do you know any good, free, resource/tutorial to take a look for learning it first time? If related to TCG/CCG’s better.

Have you built anything with it and made it available somewhere? thanks


There was one person making a game like Hearthstone with it but I don’t know what progress he has now. A CCG/TCG would be perfectly doable right now. I recommend you use rendercam extension instead of trying to get a renderscript to work right for the 3d project. If Blizzard were motivated to they should be able to make Hearthstone 1:1 with Defold.

There is one team which made a PBR implementation.

I’ve done some 3d work with it



I have a bunch of projects on github related to it https://github.com/subsoap

For learning you should download Editor 2 and follow along with the tutorials on the site. I have been working on teaching resources for it too but shamefully have not finished anything good enough. Here’s a 2D platformer which I’ll eventually release a tutorial for https://www.pkeod.com/dive-into-defold/

I do have several game projects in progress with it though some for myself and others but nothing commercial which I have really shared publicly yet. I’ve been learning in my spare time myself the last 2 years, and building up resources to help my team transition to using Defold fulltime.


That’s really cool thanks - also way more powerful than I would need.

You/r team does game development?

What I’m developing is way less poker than heart stone or magic - in fact there’s no variance due to draw, only on deckbuilding - the game play is similar though - I would like to do something more structured on the graphic department instead of hacking my way through html but I can’t afford to learn it right now. When the fully working version is out though, since the back-end can serve any front-end I will look into that or partnering with someone interested in doing that.

(let me know if that would be something you’re interested in and I can shoot up some demos)

If/when you publish your tut share it around here and good luck with that!


Using Phoenix Web Channel in a gate access control. The web app provides an API for Arduino controlled smartcard scanning system. It also communicates with a number of iPads which act as the control device and TV displays using via web channels.


I’m trying to learn Elixir and Phoenix.

I’m not sure whether to focus more on plain Elixir and OTP or on Phoenix. The idea is that I want to build web apps, I don’t know if I can adopt Elixir as my main programming language.


I recently got hired as an Elixir backend developer on teamweek.com!

It’s my first job on a foreign company and also the first time I am working completely remote. I’m almost completing my second month here and I’m very happy that Elixir is proportioning me these cool new experiences!


Congrats, mind sharing how you found them? I am constantly looking for a remote Elixir job but haven’t found anything that made me jump to apply, yet.


Found the job offer on elixirjobs.net. This one more specifically: https://elixirjobs.net/offers/teamweek-backend-engineer-69fb6af0.

I got interested on the job because I already knew toggl.com and got very excited about the possibility of working on a company of the group! :slight_smile: