What Elixir related stuff are you doing?


And yes, Iā€™m talking to people here to remove the job offer on elixirjobs.net since I took the job :grimacing:


I have been working on AlloyCI, and everything related to it. I also have been reading Metaprogramming in Elixir, Adopting Elixir, and Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP and Phoenix.

They are all really good books.


I work at https://weatherforce.org/ on a platform that will empower national meteorological services to bring better weather information to their population. We use Elixir as the backbone of our app and some of the data wrangling work is delegated to a pool of Python workers managed with poolboy and ErlPort.

Our first user facing product is https://meteopollen.com/ It extracts pollen and pollution forecasts from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service and make it available to end users through a sleek Ionic mobile app.


Launched pindeep.com while learning more about Elixir/Phoenix.


Iā€™m working on a new Elixir product which I hope to share soon, I also plan on doing a number of blog posts as I get a little better with it, new to Elixir come from an object oriented background moistly node/JS

Elixir in the Wild

Rewriting redis-server, fully compatible with RESP in elixir :smiley: