What Elixir related stuff are you doing?



And yes, I’m talking to people here to remove the job offer on elixirjobs.net since I took the job :grimacing:


I have been working on AlloyCI, and everything related to it. I also have been reading Metaprogramming in Elixir, Adopting Elixir, and Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP and Phoenix.

They are all really good books.


I work at https://weatherforce.org/ on a platform that will empower national meteorological services to bring better weather information to their population. We use Elixir as the backbone of our app and some of the data wrangling work is delegated to a pool of Python workers managed with poolboy and ErlPort.

Our first user facing product is https://meteopollen.com/ It extracts pollen and pollution forecasts from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service and make it available to end users through a sleek Ionic mobile app.


Launched pindeep.com while learning more about Elixir/Phoenix.


I’m working on a new Elixir product which I hope to share soon, I also plan on doing a number of blog posts as I get a little better with it, new to Elixir come from an object oriented background moistly node/JS

Elixir in the Wild

Rewriting redis-server, fully compatible with RESP in elixir :smiley:


Currently I am on:

  • Elixir Outlaws podcasts.
  • Elixir for Programmers video course from Prag Dave
  • Programming Elixir 1.3/1.6 book from Prag Dave.


It’s been a while since I had the opportunity to do much Elixir work, but last week I’ve been getting started on some automation for a few of our internal workflows - looking to be simple web UI for end users to submit requests, then orchestration of some work via a REST API + e-mail notifications.

First challenge, as always in a new environment, has been setting up a deploy pipeline. Fortunately we get to work with Travis CI for builds + testing, so that part is pretty familiar territory. Next steps are setting up AMI builds + deployment in AWS using Spinnaker.

For bonus points I guess there might be some SAML integration for user logins later, and some of the future work to be automated will probably be coming via an SQS queue, so lots of fun things to play with :slight_smile:


Pulling partisan into our Elixir app and dealing with the resulting mix/rebar3 friction.


Learned a lot over the last year and did a Chatbot as a side project. It crawls a website every ten minutes and notifies me if specific actions happen.

Not exactly Elixir work, but related: I wrote an VSCode extension adding IntelliSense for mixfile dependencies. hex.pm IntelliSense

Another side project which I currently work on takes a little more effort. I’m travelling a lot and need a tool which calculates budgets for multiple countries I’m going to visit and then tracking my expenses. Before I ended up in googling and excel spreadsheets, which takes just too much time. There are a couple of apps outside, but they are not filling the need I have. I’m going to launch the product in the next few weeks - if you are a frequent traveller, check it out. (will update with the link…) :wink:

Until now I had no opportunity to do professional Elixir work, but this hopefully changes in tbe furure.


Have not formally decided but a friend of mine and I are talking about creating a social networking app. I am doing the POC for the backend in Elixir.


Well, lately I’ve been a little bit less active here, but I still followed the main topics and also tried to contribute to Elixir core a little bit. Also, the new job is really amazing and I’m enjoying a lot to work full time with Elixir in a very nice product. :slight_smile:


I figured it was hypocritical of me to use uMatrix to block Google Analytics and other trackers while at the same time using GA on my own site. Additionally GA is not so nice wrt privacy and I only use a minimal set of features from it.

So I decided to write my own 1st party analytics in Elixir using Raxx, and PostgreSQL as storage. :slight_smile: It will be very minimal and suited for my own needs but let’s see what comes out of it. Will be deploying the first MVP this week probably.

Raxx.Kit - Micro framework for web applications

I would be really interested in this also, are you going to open source it?


Absolutely, but don’t hold your breath for a too ready made solution. :stuck_out_tongue: It will meet my expectations and no one else’s at least for now.


No worries, we have similar issues with GA and I would be happy to contribute anything needed in addition.


I am reading “Elixir in Action”, developing RESTful APIs using Phoenix, contributing and developing libraries and trying to keep update via Twitter.

At work, I talk a lot about Elixir also. But people seem to be scared enough with Scala to even consider Elixir.


Here’s the version I deployed on my site today: https://gitlab.com/Nicd/tilastokeskus

It only stores hits now, so there is no UI yet. But the README kind of outlines my plans for it. Still need to add instructions for use. Also the code is very unoptimized so I’m not aiming for high traffic sites because that would take too much effort.


Awesome I will definitely take a look :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on Elixir with regards to healthcare messaging.

We (Bryan Hunter and myself) released HCA’s very first open source library – in Elixir!

It parses HL7 messages in multiple versions (from 2.1 to 2.5.1) based on the XSD specs.

We plan to put it on Hex once we’ve run it through a few more paces – and fleshed it out with tests and docs :slight_smile:

-Scott S.