What is Phoenix LiveView?

I read this blog post at Medium, but it doesn’t go into details about what Phenix LiveView actually is. I would love to hear about it from Chris or Jose. Thank you all!

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It’s a server side live rendering library where the page is updated live - no large/complex JS required! It’s similar to Drab which has proven very popular in the community.

Here is the forum’s official info thread/wiki: Phoenix LiveView Info

You might also like the discussion in this thread: 54) ElixirConf US 2018 – Closing Keynote – Chris McCord and the Phoenix LiveView blog posts thread.

As well as the #liveview tag.


I’ve been using drab for a postmortem tool (allows collection of information about an event - production incident, end of sprint, etc). Updating UI from server over web sockets is very cool for apps that need a certain level of interactivity—- but not enough to warrant a full fledged JS client app. Up until web sockets and libraries like drab and LiveView most developers had to choose and use a JS framework.

These new web socket based libraries allow a different and, to me, very appealing alternative to JS libraries. Can’t always be used and you have to analyze what problems you’re solving.