What keyboard do you use?



Mechanical? Which Cherry switch? Which layout? TenKeyLess?

How fast do you type - what is your WPM?
What are your favourite kind of keyboard switches? (Poll)
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I use this mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Switches, it is a full keyboard with additional Macro keys (which I use extensively) and every key can have its own light and own macro with switchable profiles and more and it works perfectly, better than any other ‘advanced’ keyboard that I’ve tried with Linux: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/landing/k95-rgb


Mine is a Spanish Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, NKR, Tactile Action with Cherry MX Brown (spanish layout has not other options) and without numerical keys. Y really hate that part of keyboard, I never used it.

And in garage I have a IBM Model M keyboard, with those lovely buckling spring.


Unicomp 122-key Model M.

I also have a WASD CODE w/ MX Greens, which I use when I need to setup a temporary desktop or some other situation where I’m away from my main desktop and have the ability to settle in somewhere.


I have I think one of the first Corsair mechanical keyboards Vengeance K90 (Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches).
It works till now. So quality / durability is perfect :slight_smile:


That is mine too, I love it, fantastic Linux open source drivers too! ^.^


I’m currently using a Happy Hacking Keyboard. I love the Topre Electrostatic Capacitive Key Switches.


New Surface Ergonomic Keyboard


I’ve never been able to stand one of those split keyboards. When I type my hands fly all over, exceeding 120wpm back in school with no errors. Although my hands rest in the ‘home position’, once I start typing my fingers go to where-ever they are expected to go based on distance, regardless of their order, then I just make sure to control the order and continue moving. Those split keyboards slow me *way*the*heck*down*! I’m not sure how anyone could really stand using them.

Thus I’m curious, what benefit do they bring you? I’ve never heard anyone describe what its use actually is?


I can’t speak for @mkunikow, but I use the same keyboard and it helps with wrist pain.


I don’t have any wrist pains etc. so all I need from keyboard is just few things: low key profile (like laptop keyboard), backslash somewhere near the ENTER key, left CTRL on far left (hate it when far left is FN key on some laptops), keys with backlight (really helps, when you want to write something with just one hand in the dark)


I have to have a split keyboard due to suffering a bit of rsi and I currently just have a boring old Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard.

However I am debating on whether or not to pre-order the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard.


Heh, interesting though I tend to like to press so many keys at once that I like dedicated F# keys and numpad as well as I like having my 21 extra programmable keys, all of which are used. ^.^

I’ll keep it in mind though, interesting…


If I remember correctly the keyboard has multiple key map layers used for various things and I believe they were configurable to allow for this kind of thing. I remember seeing a demo of someone using it to control their mouse cursor for example.


It is but that swapping would slow me down, I’m often pressing upwards of 6 keys simultaneously as I type with just enough temporal spacing to work properly… :-/


Whoa, I just read the Hand Movements Minimized sections. They picture hand movement like something bad, IMHO they better in spreading FUD than Microsoft at it’s best days :smiley: Really, they don’t say straight that moving your hands in bad, but on subconscious level you start to wonder: "Hmm… if the emphasize the minimized hand movements, maybe I move my hands too much, maybe it’s really bad for me… :thinking: ". Really precious. Maybe I move my body too much? :thinking: Maybe I should move my fat ass less, make it sit on my chair more? :thinking: Sorry couldn’t help it :wink:


For some reason I just have this image of a crazy coding octopus in the middle of a mad coding session :smile:

Lol made chuckle! I can’t say I have read much of their docs yet, I’ve just seen some videos and had a quick scan of the features. You raise some good points there!


uhm interesting, just the left key cluster addon would be enough to interest me. And they have Cherry MX Clear switch oh my…

The goal for next month is to get a WASD keyboard, full, Canadian Québec QWERTY in MX clear.


FWIW, those MS ergo keyboards have eliminated RSI pain in the wrists for me. Typing at a “standard” keyboard for only a few minutes inflames my joints.

Oddly enough the laptop keyboard doesn’t trigger the pain either. I think it’s because it’s small enough that I can still keep the same angles in arms/wrists.

On the other hand I don’t get the whole MX switch thing. I tried one and it was eh…


What angle is that? I type fairly weird compared to most people (home row is not so much for me, my fingers just kind of fling about to hit whatever key is closest to a given finger based on the placement of where the hand is as the hand moves around to bunch keys as much as possible), and I’m curious if my angle helps prevent it in me or something…

Oh they are glorious! That satisfying click you feel in your finger, knowing exactly when the key was pressed…