What keyboard do you use?


@bbense I am exactly the same. A company that I previously worked at started me off with a straight keyboard and after a few weeks I could barely type. However I can use my laptop at home for hours on end regularly without issue.

I also know a guy that (IIRC) suffered carpel tunnel and now uses one of these to prevent any issues, but can use a laptop just fine.

I have always assumed the difference with a laptop keyboard is because my hands are positioned more on top of the keyboard instead of reaching onto something that’s higher than the surface my wrists are resting on.


das keyboard model S ultimate, without key cap inscriptions. it’s great to avoid looking your hands :smiley:


kinesis classic mpc, it helped save my carrer, i cant type on a normal flat kb anymore


WASD CODE keybaord with numeric pad. US QWERTY layout
MX Clear for work (less noisy). Blue for Home



I’m using a Das Keyboard 4 professional with Cherry MX Blue switches



+1 to the Kinesis Advantage. It saved my wrists. Phoenix may not exist without it :slight_smile:


I would love to have these skills :smiley: (from ghost in the shell)


I love the Apple keyboards personally. It’s a great keyboard for the price even though I’m on a Dell laptop running Fedora.


Another +1 for me. Made a huge difference with my RSI issues. Took some time getting productive with it. Spend a lot of time doing their training exercises. It paid off.


I have two Cooler Master QuickFire Rapid-i keyboards, just because they’re the only TKL MX Brown keyboards I could get my hands on domestically. I compared them with a Filco Majestouch and it compared favourably, despite it’s silly gaming name :slight_smile: I would love to try something with MX Clear switches sometime, though!


I have a Pok3r with clear MX for sale :smile: Too heavy for me to be honest. I use a Pok3r with blue switches at the moment. I am thinking about pulling out the Ergodox (brown switches) I built 1.5 years ago though :thinking: