What keyboard do you use?



I use a ducky shine 4 with MX brown switches, but plan on getting one of those 65% keyboards :slight_smile:

On another note, backlight is really cool and all, but don’t code in complete darkness. Take care of your eyes :wink:


Even in bright sunny days I still use backlight. I simply cannot work otherwise.


I use apple keyboard.

Most of the time during coding I am practicing SS&SS model* of work, so my wrists and fingers are save doing anything but typing.

*) Staring (at the Screen) & Silently Swearing


I use an Amazon Basics keyboard. I like it because the keys are tall enough to feel like they have real feedback but they are not “normal” tall which leads to so much less dust and dirt getting under the keys. Another win is the keys happen to be pretty quiet which is nice since I record screencast videos.

I’ve had this one for about 5 years.


I use an Anne Pro keyboard with Gateron Red switches. I got the keyboard mostly for playing games, and it’s excellent for that, the Gateron Reds are perfect for me. But using it for coding has also been a joy, there’s definitely some getting used to no dedicated arrow keys, but I found with the 60% layout having the arrow keys under my left hand’s natural position has been really comfortable and quick to use. And there’s the benefit of so much more desk space.


I started getting wrist pain so I bought an ergodox ez with gateron blues, about 2 years ago and I couldn’t be happier. https://ergodox-ez.com

It did take a week or two to get comfortable using it, but there’s no looking back for me now.

I know people may be concerned that they won’t be able to use a traditional keyboard layout after making the switch but that hasn’t been an issue for me, I use my regular laptop keyboard when I am not in the office, without any problems.


I have no complaints and wt works well with switching to mac keys(command)


I use the Ergodox Infinity, which has been incredible for me. I put cherry mx reds on it and some grommets so help silence further. The keycaps allow shinethru light but only on the sides of the keys so the tops look clean.

I like that I can assign layers for experimenting with dvorak or colemak layouts without needing to mess with the OS, especially when pairing.

I need the split so my wrists don’t twist inward as much. Also, leveraging the thumbs for common keys like enter and backspace works well for me.

What are your favourite kind of keyboard switches? (Poll)

Kinesis mpc ftw

reviewed here in 2015

still using it going string in 2018


Wow, in most of the world nobody’s even heard of the Kinesis, yet on here we’re up to 5-6 of us now. Maybe we should have a meetup at ElixirConf for Kinesis users!

BTW, I can vouch that they barely make it past 10 years :wink:


I use Microsoft Wired Keyboard 400, and Microsoft Basic Mouse v 2.0 1113, bought at a used accessories store for $1 each.
I prefer this keyboard over a cherry keyboard I owned which was worth 170 or 180 USD and which I gifted to my brother, and I prefer this mouse over all other mouses I have, including the one my younger brother brought from Qattar for me.



Mice are just another topic…

I use a cheap 10k DPI mouse because I really need this. I barely use the mouse at all, but if I have to, I don’t like to move it that much.

The problem with that cheap mouse for me is, that it’s far to light for my taste.

At the office I use a mouse that could be turned up to roughly 18k DPI, but I settled it at 10 to not have it that much different from home. But its weight is so much better for me. Even though I’d like to put some more grams into it.

Im Not sure what type it is, I do only know it’s a Logitech gaming mouse.

I really don’t like wireless mice, I’ve not used in so far where I had not realized the latency, and I don’t like that.


Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Last mouse you will ever need. Me and my wife both have one and play shooters together. Zero latency of any kind. The mouse becomes wired when you put it for charging as well – and I keep it plugged in all the time unlike my wife who is always playing wireless (and has zero complaints for a year now).

Sorry for off-topic. Just wanted to point out that not all wireless mice have latency. It has a healthy heft to it, too – which you and me need.


Yes I was wondering about this mouse, but better prefer logitech g 502 mosue fit into my hand as I prefer right handed profile.


The G900 is ambidextrous by the way. :wink:


Upcoming new cherry mx low profile …


Interesting article here about programmer keyboards…


I use HHKB professional 2 + vim


At home I use this Cherry G80-1000 that I restored: https://blog.nytsoi.net/2018/05/16/restoring-cherry-g80-1000

At work, where I can’t be that noisy, I use a random mechanical keyboard with MX Browns, but have been thinking of getting an Ultimate Hacking Keyboard with similar switches.


Like @sneako, I use a ErgoDox EZ. It’s ruined every other keyboard for me now: I’m useless with my normal laptop keyboard, for example. I thought it would change how I work, but not that I wouldn’t even be able to type on normal keyboards anymore.

It’s a great keyboard, but I would only recommend it for people who mostly use desktop computers and aren’t very likely to be on the move, using other keyboards. Luckily I’ve been able to reduce my usage of other keyboards and I almost 100% sit in one place using this one, but it does feel bad not being able to just sit down with my laptop without an extra keyboard at all times.