What keyboard do you use?



@gonz That’s exactly the reason I am hesitating to try such keyboards. I work on a desktop and 3 separate laptops. Even if the standard layout is suboptimal, I cannot exactly change my laptops’ keyboards and I cannot bring an external keyboard every time (not to mention my own otherwise big desk still has limits).

I am open to try such keyboards in the future but not while I have to actively work on laptops here and there.


I have the Ergodox Infinity, and it depends on your layout as far as ruining you for standard keyboards. I go back and forth, and besides my tab key (which is backtick on my Ergodox) I dont have any issues.


Does anyone have any recommendations for a UK Mac keyboard please?

I currently have an Apple wireless keyboard but it’s too small/cramped (I much preferred my older full size wired Apple keyboard but they stopped making them).

I am not a PC gamer or touch typist, and I’d prefer to order from Amazon or Apple if possible - just because their customer care/returns are usually good.

The only must have really is the audio control (prefer keys to wheels) and I’m open to everything else, whether mechanical or not, full or mid (are mechanical really much better?)

I quite like the look of the new wireless magic keyboards:

Also the Das pro 4 seems one of the few Mac mechanical keyboards available here in the UK:



I use a Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 with yellow switch


I use this one when I put my MacBooks on a laptop stand:

AZIO MK MAC Wired Mechanical Backlit keyboard.

Not sure if it has an UK layout, you might have to research the Q&A on the page, or read product description, or contact their support.

It is basically one of the very few choices for: (1) backlit, (2) mechanical, (3) wired keyboard with a Mac layout.

I like it. The keys are little harder to press compared to my PC keyboard but I found it enjoyable and much better than Apple’s official keyboards, be it the builtin on the MacBooks or the external Bluetooth ones. Only drawback for you might be the white backlighting of the keys which, combined with white keys, makes it slightly annoying to use in daylight if you want to look for a key. Still though, it’s a very slight annoyance, I promise you. Unless you use it 99% of the time under bright sunlight, it won’t ever be a problem. Plus you can switch off the lighting during the day – many people do that but not me; I keep the backlight all the time.

How can you even ask that?! Only a non-mechanical keyboard user can ask that. :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:

Seriously though, mechanical keyboards improve your typing, like a lot. You have much more robust key pressing feedback. Before them I was constantly second-guessing if a keystroke has been registered and this severely hampered my workflow. Afterwards, these keyboards are now pretty much a subconscious extension of my will.


Do you mean the old Apple Extended Keyboard? I had one of those with ALPS switches, they were wonderful :slight_smile: there is a Canadian company called Matias that developed a modern clone of those keyboards. I just checked and it seems they have an official reseller in the UK: https://www.keyboardco.com/category.asp?sr=&path=mechanical+keyboards&man=Matias&ss=de&rtv=100

Maybe they have a physical store were you can try them.


Built-in keyboard of MacBook Pro (Late 2016).


Unfortunately they do not do a UK version :frowning:

Ah nice. I definitely want to give one a go now! Just wish we had better choice here.

It was one of these:

Fairly standard, just not so cramped :lol:

I love the look of these WASD customisable keyboards :007:

But by the time you add shipping and customs charges, it’s a bit too much I think.

Could always try the ‘award winning’ Das Pro 4 (UK/Mac):

(Bit on the big side tho)…


Oh well, for me that’s not a deal breaker, but apparently it is for you. :wink:

I almost forgot! Take a look at the CODE keyboards; you can mod it with the exact keycaps for Mac + UK layout, and it has hardware switch to… switch… between different modes (PC, Mac, Dvorak, stuff like that). Here is the more marketing-oriented page.

If my Logitech G600 ends up disappointing me I will probably move to CODE keyboards forever.

No backlight, no buy from me. I seriously don’t care how good it is otherwise. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Do not underestimate backlight. There will come a time when you will feel calmer at the evenings and will want to tackle hobby projects then and not during the afternoon when you will want to be at the beach, or with your wife, or both. Backlight is a sanity-, productivity- and eye-saver.


Also about the Das, the word on the street is that they’ve lowered their quality a lot lately and cheap out on components (like switches). They have also been censoring discussion about alternative software for their latest keyboard on their forum, banning users. After some bad publicity, it seems they have now reversed those bans and apologised, though: https://imgur.com/a/9w5Kjng

I would read reviews carefully before jumping into buying a Das.


Yep, I want the £ where I am used to it :lol:

Those CODE keyboards look nice, but you can’t customise them? Customisation is what makes me like WASD keyboards :003:

What do they offer that stands out (other than being backlit) that the normal WASD keyboards don’t?

I don’t need a backlight as I have a lamp on my desk and would never stare at a bright screen (monitor!) in darkness. I’ve found the backlight useful on the laptop while in bed though - but that’s the only situation in which I’d need it.

Ah that’s a shame. I thought they were using Cherry MX switches in the Pro 4 - and they’re supposed to be good aren’t they?


Not sure, they are just praised a lot, and by conservative programmers no less. So in my eyes they are worth the inclusion.

I would get a customizable WASD keyboard for sure. I am still pondering if I should try them before some of mine break.


Do it and let me know what you think :lol:

Do you get stung by high delivery costs and taxes there too? It practically doubles the price if I order for delivery here (inc customs taxes).


Yes to both but I have accepted it as a fact of life, especially with me being in Eastern Europe. I just calculate a double price the moment I see the original one and evaluate that. :003:


Apparently they are, the new switches are in the 5Q.


Apple stopped making the wired keyboard? I love those. I have an extra that I need to do a better job of storing now that I know that.


A few years ago I think - it’s why I ended up with one of their wireless ones. Part of the reason I didn’t mind giving it a go was because it was similarly sized to the keyboard on my MBA - so I thought it would make life easier switching from one to another, but the wireless keyboard feels a lot more cramped and is ‘stiffer’.


That’s why I hate them. Apple does a lot of things right but keyboards are definitely not one of these things.

I am very hopeful that now with the innovation of thinner mechanical switches the laptop OEMs, Apple included, will jump ship to them and stop sacrificing ergonomy for another 0.1mm shaved off the thickness of the device. :frowning:

Although realistically, even the thinner Cherry MX switches are still thicker than the stock MacBook keyboards so it’s highly unlikely… :102:


What about this one, but personally I don;'t like this one control


I use a Saber68 for my daily work. I got the Mod-M switches. I have been using that keyboard for more than a year and I highly recommend it.

…and I recently ordered a MechBoard64 with yellow switches. Should arrive in a couple of weeks.