What kind of server/infrastructure are your Elixir apps hosted on?

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We get quite a few hosting related questions, so I wonder whether it might be helpful if we can have a thread that talks about the kind of production set-ups everyone is using?

Do you use a dedicated server? VPS? The Cloud? Or…?


I use a DigitalOcean VPS. They just bumped up their pricing to be competitive with Vultr/Linode and I find their service the easiest and fastest to use.

I don’t really know much about AWS but I like to have full control of my server and apps, which is why I use a VPS.


Currently I am evaluating Gigalixir via its free tier.


Amazon ECS.


Heroku. It’s been working well enough for us and we have other applications hosted there as well.


Currently using bare metal servers from Scaleway for my projects.


Amazon ECS for the application. Postgres database using Amazon RDS.


Smaller local VPS Hoster for me.


Really cheap when i compare to digital ocean. 3 euro for 2gb memory. I am not familar other vps company prices. Is digital ocean expensive or scaleway is cheap for a reason ? How long have you been using scaleway?


Currently using scaleway over a year and had no problems so far.


Used to use DigitalOcean, but for about a year now I use Scaleway for almost all my applications. However I am also investigating Gigalixir


Dockerized on AWS ECS via Fargate. A bit of work went into auto clustering but it was worth the effort.


Great topic :heart_eyes:

What do you use to install on Amazon ESC. ?

Do you use some container registry? Do you have some CI/CD pipeline like push code to git -> build container -> push container to registry -> install container from registry to AWS?

Also are there some best practices to put Erlang VM into container? For example for JVM


Dedicated server from online.net. I should probably actually get a few boxes instead of one big one to split things up. Too much running on one machine.


I mostly have to use clients’ IT infrastructure, so the choice is not always mine. That creates deployment and operational challenges. Recent deployments have been to virtual servers running Centos 7. While I am responsible for operation of the servers, clients sometimes perform underling updates without notice! The most recent incident broke my Distillery deployment and left me with and Erlang crash dump. For occasions where I do have a choice, I am currently looking at Nixos.


VPS (CentOS)


I use a Digital Ocean Droplet that I set up using Docker Machine. This makes it easier (in my opinion) to run your docker containers in the “cloud”. My Elixir app, AlloyCI, is packaged as a container image and deployed using Docker Compose.

I still don’t have it set up as a CI job, but I would be really easy to have AlloyCI build and deploy itself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I would just need to add a build job for mix docker.shipit and one for docker-compose up -d, both on the deploy stage, which would only be run after all the jobs in the previous stages have passed :slightly_smiling_face: