What platform do you use for personal blog?

Hello guys!
I want to start a personal blog.
what platform do you use? or make a phoenix app?

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I’d only build your own if you’re already extremely fluent in elixir/phoenix (ie. it’s dead easy for you), or if you want to do so as a programming exercise in its own right. If your primary motivation is to write, then use something off-the-shelf. Unless you have some specific reason to need something more dynamic, I’d start with a static site generator. Hosting is free or cheap, and maintenance/security a relative non-issue.

There’s not much point in recommending a particular SSG - any recommendation is only going to reflect personal taste. All the known ones work and are more than sufficient for a personal blog. Think about what facilities you want and whether or not you’ll need to do any deep customisation (in which case choose an SSG written in a programming language you already know). Then pick two or three matching your criteria from (eg.) Static Site Generators - Top Open Source SSGs | Jamstack, make a quick choice, and start writing!


If the author would decide to write it’s own blog then a blog post from Dashbit website would be an amazing source of inspiration:

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GitLab Pages https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/pages + some static site gererator (Hugo in my case https://gohugo.io/)

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I’ve recently installed the Ghost on the server, it’s quite easy to self-host (it’s packaged in one docker container with sqlite database) or you can setup up an account on their’s platform.

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If you are interested in a full-featured (elixir-based) blogging platform, you may try Pubray

If you are looking for a simple static website/blog engine, built on elixir, you may try Serum (promising, but dormant project)


I go between Hugo and Eleventy. I tend to prefer Hugo because I build the whole site JS free and built times are super fast

There are many choices, but they all boils down to:

  • Use a platform
  • Self host a CMS
  • Use a SSG
  • Make your own SSG
  • Make your own platform

Without knowing your requirements, I’d recommend you to use an existing SSG and host it on one of the free static hosts. There are many choices. I actually built my own SSG with a bunch of perl scripts. I don’t recommend this route though.

Another Hugo user here - it works fine for static content.

I use Zola which I find amazingly simple for my needs. No javascript let me build different JS demos on different pages with different frameworks or build tools.

Joe Armstrong used TiddlyWiki :slightly_smiling_face:


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I’m self hosting Ghost on a synology NAS.

I bought a theme and customized it a little.

Phoenix live_view, plus :nimble_publisher, minus postgres excellent SEO

Hugo for a personal blog. It’s a bit fiddly to set up the themes initially, but I really like the idea of static site generation - you can throw the pages up anywhere and not have to worry about the million & one security vulnerabilities of anything involving PHP.

My only attempt at writing Golang was a simple deployment tool for delivering updates to a static site (built with Hugo) over ftp. This was before the likes of render.com automated deployments from GitHub. Funnily enough, I was early enough on the Golang adoption curve at the time to get quite an attractive unsolicited job offer from my weak attempt!

Apologies for reminiscing in public.

Using a self built blog where my posts are written in Notion and are pre-rendered and cached in a Phoenix app.

Built this blog : Why Phoenix? · Tripathi

forked repo from : GitHub - dbernheisel/bernheisel.com: the ol' digital home.

It has awesome feature → It tells how many people are reading the blog!
(though there isn’t much on the blog yet)

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