What’s a good resource to learn Microservices in Elixir/Phoenix?


What’s a good resource to learn Microservices in Elixir/Phoenix? Is there any book/docs/Github repos that I can refer to?



I don’t know about Phoenix-specific resources. Is there anything in particular that you’re looking for on the Phoenix side? Otherwise, I’d probably look at two separate topics: building microservice systems as one, and maybe building APIs with Phoenix.


Hi @whatyouhide, thanks for reply. I am more looking for the first topic - building microservice systems with Elixir/Phoenix.

There are many resources in other programming languages. For example this book I read long ago - Microservices Patterns builds an entire working microservices example system with code examples in Java.

There are many microservices pattern here on this site - Microservice Architecture pattern

I have not found any book or series of articles (as one article won’t be enough to cover everything about microservices) focusing on microservices in Elixir/Phoenix.

Elixir has umbrella apps but it has its own limits . Having some good resources on full blown microservices in Elixir would be good.

Hope this clarifies what I am looking for.


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It is not an Elixir resource, but I did enjoy reading this book…

It’s node, but I could translate to Elixir most concepts. Here is an example of what I translated.

There is also commanded | Hex if You want to want to use CQRS/ES

by @slashdotdash


Also check out PragDave’s course:

I got half way through it then got side-tracked, need to finish it :lol:

How many production Phoenix users have embraced microservices?

I’ve run Phoenix as it’s own service inside a polyglot microservice environment. In hindsight using Phoenix might have been a bit much to consume / produce JSON but it worked well.

isn’t one of the great things of Elixr/OTP/BEAM that you do not need to use the microservices pattern?


May be but even official documentation talks about umbrella apps’ limitations - Dependencies and umbrella projects - The Elixir programming language

Even if not suitable for all kinds of projects, I would think still there are projects that would grow to the point microservices may become a viable option.

Having good resources on this topic is good for learning purposes too (which is what my interest at this point is).

If your environment is pure BEAM, which is rare.

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