What should be the next books I read?

I just finished reading Programming Phoenix 1.4 and Adopting Elixir. I was wondering what other recommendations you would have for someone who would consider themselves an intermediate developer who wants to dive as deep into as Elixir as possible?

Elixir in Action (Second Edition) and Metaprogramming Elixir.


Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP

This is the deep dive into OTP.


How about… all of them? :003:

This is what I’ve done/read so far and have not regretted any of them:

I am currently reading…

(Check out my reviews in each of those threads for more of my thoughts on them)

After PP I am probably going to read Programming Ecto (Pragprog), then make my way through the rest #learning-resources:books :lol:

In your case (and I suppose as general advice) I would look at all the books and ask yourself whether there is a good reason why you shouldn’t read that particular book - professionally published books contain so much great information that they are worth every penny imo :023:

And don’t forget you can get 35% off any PragProg or Manning book with your forum discount :003: