Where do you work from? (Poll)

Where do you work from primarily?

  • For yourself - home
  • For yourself - office
  • For yourself - coffee shop
  • For yourself - shared space
  • For yourself - client offices
  • For yourself - other
  • Employed - office/work premises
  • Employed - remote - home
  • Employed - remote - coffee shop
  • Employed - sometimes remote sometimes office
  • Employed - other

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Because how answers are constructed I clicked wrong because I though it’s multi-check form.
For yourself - home and Employed - sometimes remote sometimes office are both valid options for me. If I work on my stuff it’s from home, If it’s for my employer - mostly office, but lately a lot from home too.


You can change your vote. :slight_smile:

But yes, we do need multi-select polls. ^.^

EDIT: Or priority polls to rank each option! :slight_smile:


You can change your answer - just click on the one you want and it will select it as it’s latest.

I did think about making it multi-select, but then, nearly all of us would probably select home when working for ourselves - don’t think I can change it now :lol:.

It more like: 6 month from home - 6 months shared space around the world for me. Until my elixir project starts paying for itself! :smiley:

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That’s true :slight_smile: So maybe changing For Yourself to Not Employed\Self Employed would be more meaningful, if it’s possible of course.

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i am employed, but i am not sure i can say i work on anything close to that forum. Sadly :frowning:

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Unfortunately polls cannot be changed once a vote has been cast…

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I picked “employed - sometimes office and sometimes from home”, even if I do most work for my employer at the office, there is also a day a week that I am at home and university and do stuff from there.

Also since I got a baby child about 4 weeks ago, I want to have more time for and with my family, so I am trying to convince my boss to allow more remote work :wink:


@NobbZ Congrats on your New child.