What are your opinions on the new Macs Apple announced today?


I have had hardware problems with 2 Macbook Pros. Family members have had issues with glitchy black screens with iPhones. I’m actually irritated with the short lifespan of their hardware. It’s almost as if they’re programmed to fail post Apple Care.

I have NEVER had a hardware problem on PC laptops. NEVER. Software, yes. A billion times. But luckily I can duel boot Linux and not deal with BSODs.

Apple shines in software on the backs of giants. But, their cute hardware is a little too cute. I just want an ugly beast that doesn’t leave me at the climax.

I do enjoy my iPad Pro. No issues with 3 generations of iPad.

Been a mac user for more than 20 years, switched to Windows a few months back, never been happier.

I wrote more here: https://medium.com/the-missing-bit/leaving-macos-part-1-motivations-b10accc10889

Now that you know that, my actual opinion on the new hardware.

I think the MacBook Pro is a superb machine, it’s really beautiful and well made and the OS works well on it. Now the issues I have with it:

  • Price (more than 1000$ more expensive than a equivalent dell XPS that can go up to 32GB ram)
  • No option for 32GB
  • Battery cannot be changed easily
  • Hard/impossible to upgrade, most PC laptop uses M.2 keys for SSD and some have socketed CPU or even GPU that you can upgrade.
  • Touchbar is useless (at least for me)
  • Can be very noisy very quickly. The thing is, with Apple you have no choice, you cannot buy a super bulky-but-silent notbook.
  • Service is super expensive and you have to go the apple store. Many other manufacturer has on site support that are cheaper.

About the regular iMac, I think those are really good desktops for the mid user. Perfect for a secretary or my mom (non joke here). It still share most of the MacBook pro downside except for the price, you cannot have a display with this quality (5k) for much cheaper.

Now the iMac pro. If you read my post above, you will notice that the lack of a real pro machine (something I can throw PCI cards into, like labview interface or shit like that) is one of the reason (if not THE reason) that made me switch to windows.

I think the iMac pro is a good machine too, but here I really don’t know who will buy it. If you are a graphic pro, you want your NEC or other high end calibrated display and you won’t trust Apple on this (and if it’s the same display as the iMac, you shouldn’t). Of course you can plug your NEC display on the iMac pro, but that’s still super weird to buy an all in one for that. If you are a developer (like me) and need some kick and multiple displays (I work with 4 27’ monitors now, using 2 to work, and 2 to place things like music player or some log tails), you will prefer a fast 8 core consumer CPU over a xeon. And you don’t care about ECC memory. If you are in a lab, and actually need xeon, like my brother, you want to be able to throw those exotic PCI cards for lab view and laser controls. I also think a xeon should be able to get a lot more memory, my brother has 1TB on his workstation that is used for matlab.

So, except for some final cut pro users (and even here, you can mount 4k movies with a 2000$ PC), I really don’t see who would buy a 5000$ iMac.

Give it a few more months :lol:

When I was using Windows I found that I had to reformat the machine every 6 months to a year because it started to feel sluggish. Not sure if things have changed much since then but I have not experienced the same with my Macs.

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I have similar experience, but Windows 10 seems to have cleaned that. The current PC I use have been installed about 1 year ago with an insider preview and had 0 problem since. I have been using it for gaming only until early 2017 when I switched my workstation on it (with no reinstal).

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It’s not even that there is way less malware that targets OS X vs Windows. A top tier AV will reliably identify about 95-97% of known win. malware. Now given that there are literally millions of known windows malware/viruses you are looking at more than 100,000 that even top AV will not identify and here we are talking only about known malware. Working at top tier security company I’d say it’s 20:1 ratio of mac vs pc at work including Macs being used by some of the world top malware reversers.

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First rule to not get malware, especially as a power user :

Do Not Install An AV

At best they are attack vector that are badly protected, at worse they are going to screw up the rest of the security on your computer.

The Chrome security team spend a lot of their time dealing with vulnerabilities in their sandbox and security mechanisms due to AV. If you are on Windows, stay with the default Windows Defender. It is top notch and it does not impact the rest of your security stuff.


FWIW, typing this on my 2011 MBP which isn’t that much slower than my work 2015 MBP because I could upgrade it. Given that that’s not an option anymore, I’ve been recreating my work and hobby development environments on my 2013 17" AlienWare which I can totally upgrade to last me 3-4 more years (even to 32GB) using Win10 and “GNU/Windows” (the “Linux Subsystem for Windows”). Ubuntu Xenial just works, I have my Spacemacs full screen (yeah, that does make life easier), VcXsrv can run the X apps I need, like IntelliJ, and frankly - MacOS X as an operating system feels shittier to me than Win10. Tons of crap going on you cannot influence, outdated versions of stuff in /usr/bin you cannot even delete, no package manager, and so on.

I’ve made up my mind - if my MBP dies (it should soon, it has the crappy AMD GPU which you cannot update), I’m switching to Win10 + Ubuntu. So far, a perfect combination that runs my games, my Adobe software, and my development environments without dual boot and/or badly supported hardware drivers in the Linux kernel.

I don’t have a need for one at the moment but I hate the romancizing of brands (like apple), CEO’s like Jobs, editors (like vim, spacemacs and whatever).

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Brand is secondary having an OS with decent GUI plus decent tools like dtrace and a good chunk of commercial software from outlook to all the Adobe thingys availible is a big bonus.

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The new Macs still say to me that Apple has lost their inventive edge since Steve Jobs died, it is ‘just another iteration’.

I was never an Apple user because I really REALLY hate walled jails (the term ‘walled garden’ is such an oxymoron in this context…). I personally run machines that I’ve built myself from parts I’ve bought based on research about what works best for a given thing, while running various linux’s for over two decades now (exclusively linux at home since 2006) and FreeBSD before that (with Windows sprinkled in up until the Vista screw-over, Balmar(sp?) sucks…).

A side effect of buying my own parts and researching what is actually good is that my desktop’s parts are averaging 7 years old now, the most recent part is an SSD to boot faster (2 seconds now whoo!) that was 3-4 years ago. The system just does not die, and I hate upgrading unless I’m replacing a dead part, so my system is a bit old now… ^.^;

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I will be buying computer for programming (linux OS comaptible) -> little small fanless beast :slight_smile:
My setup:

Akasa nuc fanless case Plato X7

RAM 2 x 16 GB HyperX Impact DDR4 SODIMM

SSD m.2 samsung evo 960 512GB


Looks really interesting how much is the case going for ?

99,90 €


Having switched from Windows to Macs 2.5 years ago, I can’t find a single thing where it isn’t better than Windows other than video games. Different strokes I guess.

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Handling windows. Systems options. Wifi setup. Printers options and work. etc etc

I just “upgraded” from a 3 year old rMBP 15 to a Dell XPS15 with 4k display, 32GB RAM, and 1TB PCIe SSD - oh and Nvidia 1050 GPU. I made this choice because the latest rMBP was stuck at 16GB RAM, and even with only 512GB SSD, it was $1000 more expensive.


  • I can play games now
  • screen is lovely and sharp

CONS (too many to list, so here are the most significant ones)

  • Adobe Illustrator is slower, despite the much better GPU on this Dell
  • Bash is slow, both in terminal responsiveness and in some computational activities (some compiles are way slower)
  • Mixing Windows progs with WSL/bash files is messy
  • My new machine with proper drivers has already crashed or locked up several times in the first week of use

In summary, it sucks royally. I wish Apple would stop behaving like their only audience is the users for whom life is just snapchat and facebook.

I don’t doubt that with enough time, research, and effort, I can hack this PC into a working dev machine. But it’s beyond documenting the process to get to that point, so the inevitable wipe/reinstall is going to undo all my work. When that day comes, I’ll probably just try to get Ubuntu working on bare metal and say goodbye to Windows. I do appreciate the efforts they have made over the last few years, but it just cannot compare to a solid UI+*nix.


Install a Linux on it. Honestly. I highly advise Fedora for ease but other works.

For Illustrator : update your GPU drivers.

maybe do a thread where each alchemist can show off their dev rigs, specs, cost and all :wink: … including most importantly their reason for that option they had chosen, and possibly what they would be going for next, and what would influence their next rig purchase.

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Feel free to start one :023:

We’ve got a few threads covering specifics such as:

There’s also: