Which OS do you develop on?


OS X 10.11.13 (El Capitan - though I need to clean install as this is currently just an upgrade)



Windows 10 on my laptop. Rasbian on my Rasberry Pi 2.


Linux Mint 17.3


OS X El Capitan 10.11.3


Arch Linux




Linux mainly.

For Elixir I use LXLE at work and Kubuntu at home.


Windows 10 / Linux openSUSE 13.2



Now at El Capitan level.


Arch Linux + Gnome 3


yeah baby… Linux all the way.


1 more on Xubuntu


Using Linux as my primary OS since the 1990’s starting with SUSE and KDE Version 1.0. Been through Debian, Gentoo, Mephis, Mageia, Sabayon, Manjaro, and finally Linux Mint Cinnamon. LM can be boring compared to fun distributions like Arch and Gentoo, but everything just works.


Arch Linux


Debian jessie


I’m still on Yosemite. Did anyone have any glitches in upgrading to El Capitan?


I was actually quite surprised at how well the upgrade went @jonathanmundy :lol:

Usually I upgrade - allow all files (and Mail etc) to get updated to the latest OS - carry out a full back up - then clean install.

But on upgrading I’ve found the system to have actually preform or feel snappier. I’ve lived with it now for a couple of months and I’ve only encountered two bugs:

  • Sometimes Safari stops working properly where it ceases to acknowledge hover state
  • The find feature in TextMate 2 seems to work only intermittently

I’ll probably do a clean install at some point, but on the whole, it’s been a decent ‘upgrade’


Thanks @AstonJ. I might finally give it a whirl this weekend.


Arch and Manjaro linux and osx , Prefering linux more and more over OS X.


Same here! At work and at home: Linux Mint 17.3 / KDE 4.