Who is currently developing with Elixir at work?

I’m probably one of the very few using Elixir and Phoenix at my job right now :slight_smile: I guess I’m lucky, but it would be nice to know if other people are using it and what for.

I’m developing a web app for service integration and automation (launch and use tools from the app, instead of having to access each app individually) and to have a central hub/channel for communication inside teams and with clients.


I’m guessing you might be one of the lucky ones Sasha :wink:

I think it’s only a matter of time before it becomes more mainstream, particularly in the coming years as web users continue to explode in numbers.


We are using Elixir/Phoenix combination. What a fantastic experience it is. We are making web services / apps and IoT backend. we are leaving Nodejs development behind. and we are not missing it a bit.


Could you expand on the IoT bit? I’ve had some interesting in learning about IoT for a while.

There have been many emerging technologies and concepts. It’s hard to keep up!

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We use elixir on the server side in order to handle the connections to databases etc. it is also what we use to pipe the AI functionality.

for IoT its a mess so many platforms gadget , message me so we dont hijack the thread. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to hear more about this too. Please consider keeping this public and starting a new thread on Elixir and IOT.


Me three :003:

I’ll start a thread, and do it properly with some board recommendations as well. Give me over the weekend to hammer something down.


I’m working on web management service for heating automation system.


We’re in the process of porting several of our internal web apps over to Elixir/Phoenix.


It is not directly at work, also it is not right now.

But I am currently working at a university-project which involves documenting, refactoring and extending a piece of erlang software for programming contests.

The Elixir-Part of this is, that I am trying to convince my professor to do a rewrite from scratch using Elixir in my thesis (which starts in about 18 months).


What university? :slight_smile:

@keathley what kind of internal apps?

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University of applied Sciences in Wedel (german site) (international site [very slow at the moment])


I work for a consultancy and we use an in-house application to track who is allocated to which project. Its all real time so that when we’re planning things out everyones client is kept up to date. Originally it was written in Rails and Pusher for real time stuff. We’ve been slowly converting it to elixir + phoenix.


We are implementing a backend API for our mobile app. Everything is written with Phoenix and will be deployed in Heroku.
The same backend is serving a web dashboard (Phoenix again) to manage the contents for the app but in this case we are not using Phoenix template but a Bootstrap/AngularJS combination.


We’ve got four? five? systems running Elixir at Bleacher Report now.

Michael Schaefermeyer talks about the first system in his presentation at Elixir Conf EU 2015.


@alxndr I just read about that some days ago. What’s the use case for
having non-cacheable websites?

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I wouldn’t quite call it a “non-cacheable website”… We’re serving data that changes frequently enough that it’s not really useful for us to cache it for any period of time.


Have you deployed on Heroku? How is that working out?