Will ElixirConf 2023 talks be posted on YouTube soon?

I just got back from ElixirConf 2023 and wanted to share some of the talks (particularly Chris Holtz’s "Shinstagram"demo) with a friend of mine. I have access to the talk through the paid registration portal but was hoping these talks would be published in YouTube or some other forum to share broadly. Is this something that might be happening at some point?


Helpful resources:

  1. ElixirConf EU 2023 playlist @ Code Sync
  2. ElixirConf youtube channel (2022 not yet up to date)
  3. Talks - Elixir Programming Language Forum

I concur, I am dying to find out what Jose made of our feedback in the “typed elixir” discussion. Is there a specific reason these talks are not made public right away?

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Its bad business to release something online right away when people pay good money to be there in person.

Even less if people pay to be there virtually.


huh didn’t know that was also an option.

I am also dying to know about the type system direction. Personally I hope they build on Gleam and keep Elixir gloriously dynamic. Then remove try/catch and force ok/error tuples everywhere, mimicing Rust result types.

Tuples everywhere gets in the way of piping. My wish is that any type system is fully inferred, like Roc has (not sure about Gleam), so it gets completely out of the way. Anything else I see as a regression of sorts.

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José’s talk is up.
Hopefully the rest will be as well soon :smile:


Talks are usually released a little while after the event. We then cross-post these onto the forums automatically one per day in the order they were added. All @ElixirConf talks get posted here, whereas the @CodeSync talks get posted here if Elixir is in the title, if not they get posted to the Erlang Forums.


This is a terribly good point. I will make an effort to contribute the next time.

Would go if I could (disability).

Kind of a silly question: Why Chris McCord’s talk is labeled “Phoenix Field Notes”? As English is not my native language, I don’t completely understand.

It’s not about form fields, is it?
Should I rather understand it as “Notes in the field of Phoenix” where I can replace “field” with “the part/library of elixir that is called”?
Or does Chis mean: Notes taken when used in practice?

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Fellow non-native speaker here. Your last interpretation is correct I think. He talks multiple times about features that he found necessary or at least nice to have, while using Phoenix working on Fly.io’s products.


“Field Notes” in the english language stand for things you wrote down in a notebook while in the field doing stuff. You can find the name printed on actual notebooks often in handheld form factors. So these are chris’ notes on what he found working with phoenix / lv at fly.


Thanks to you both.

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Only slightly related, but I can‘t wait for the new assign_async … anyone insights when this update drops?

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It’s on main branch - so if you switch to that you should be able to give it a go…

I’m really happy about Scope. I’ve always called this AppContext which has the really unfortunate overload with Phoenix contexts. I don’t know why “scope” never occurred to me :upside_down_face: Naming sure is hard!