Would you like to do pair programming & contribute to an open source Phoenix app?

Hi, I recently launched Notesclub [1]. It allows people to discover amazing Livebook notebooks.

I’m looking for people who would like to do pair programming.
I’d love to meet other alchemists while we contribute to the open-source Phoenix app.

Open to everyone — from people learning Elixir to experienced alchemists.

If you’d prefer to contribute async, that’s also possible.

Let me know if you’re interested!



I want to contri.

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Brilliant @apoorv-2204, I’ll send you a message. Cheers!

I am interested.

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Nice! I just sent you a message.

I am interested, what timezone are you in? (I am in UK)

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My time zone is CEST/GMT+2 (Madrid).

I just sent you a message.
Looking forward to our call!