Notesclub — Discover Livebook Notebooks


I built to discover Livebook notebooks.

At the moment it is a proof of concept. But you can already browse and run almost 2000 notebooks and every day we fetch new ones from Github’s API.

You can filter notebooks by user. For example:

Also, you can filter by repo. For example:

There are many things that could be implemented or improved. For example:

  • Filter by mix library. E.g.
  • Sort columns, search, pagination, replace filename with title, etc.
  • Improve the way we download notebooks from Github to include older notebooks.
  • Notifications. Weekly emails with new notebooks, send a tweet with each new notebook, etc.

Yet, before spending time on this I’d love to know if you find Notesclub useful. If so, consider contributing to the open source repo. It is a very simple Phoenix app. Also, if you’d like to sponsor or contribute in a different way, let’s have a chat.

By the way, I’m also open to contract work or a position where I can spend some time in open source projects like this. More details: Hec Perez — 9y web dev, 1.5y Elixir/PETAL, remote Madrid/EU

Let me know what you think of Notesclub!


This is awesome! I will have to contribute once I have some free time after Elixir conf.

Thank you for this fantastic resource :pray:

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Thanks! Brilliant that you want to contribute. Let me know if I can help.

Enjoy this edition of ElixirConf!

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Now we can discover all Livebook notebooks created in the last seven days:

Lots of thanks to our newest contributor @FabriDamazio!
He added LiveView to Notesclub.

Other news:

  • Improved search across both filenames and content
  • Infinite scroll

Let me know if you have any feedback!


Searching Livebook notebooks in Notesclub is faster now and works across:

  • GitHub username
  • repo name
  • title
  • filename
  • content

For example, you can find all notebooks which include bumblebee.



  • Now is mobile-friendly — in case you’d like to discover notebooks on the go!
  • @dmarcoux added docker-compose, GitHub actions and Credo among others. Thanks!!

I’m thinking about how we could find the best notebooks to give them more visibility.
How about allowing alchemists to log in with GitHub and “like” or “star” notebooks?
Any other ideas?

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