You just inherited $150,000

You’ve inherited $150k under the condition it’s to be invested into something technical. How do you invest it? Do you leave your current job to pursue this venture, or use it as a hobby?

I’m curious how engineers would answer this.


I would rent an apartment in San Francisco for a whole 3 months.

Edit 1: sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Edit 2: Serious answer: I would personally continue investing into Elixir and continue to bring more people into the fold. Don’t ask me how though. :slight_smile:


Great question Joe!

José, I was going to say, why? :lol: (I know property was expensive there but didn’t realise it was that expensive! :icon_eek: )

To answer your question Joe, rather than say what I would do, I’d like to offer a suggestion for everyone else. BUY A HOUSE IN WALES! :003: You can get a small house for that much here, and it would give you the freedom and security to work on the project of your dreams.

Edit: Just thought, that^^ probably only makes sense to people in the UK as Wales is generally cheaper than places like London and the South of England. You could probably buy a nice place in some parts of the US for $150K


You forgot about first and last months rent. Have fun for the month you get to enjoy staying there.


I’d likely to fund my work on type systems on the BEAM. :slight_smile:


And you forget to mention the security deposit–boom, done!

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This is my order:

  1. I would definitely buy a house. It’s my biggest purchase plan. Personally I would be satisfied enough, but there are still some other things.
  2. On second position is some really expensive devices (1 PC, 1 laptop + one custom device) + investing in health (if possible).
  3. Finally I would place lots of Elixir job offers. First ones would probably be related to scenic library.

Everything other (like bills and more books etc.) are not so expensive, so I don’t even think about them.


What type of job offers would you be placing?

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What about you Joe? What would you do with 150K?

Apart from give it to one of us that is :lol:

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I would just order creating some generic libraries which would help in as much cases as possible. Rest I could do by myself. First ones would be around more elements and themes. Next would be graphs and other visualization methods. Finally I would order some simple, but powerful (extendable) game engines (like M.U.G.E.N.). If I would have extra money I would definitely support contributors for some libraries for example scenic or text editor written in Elixir.

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I’ll create that Medical App which was one of the reasons I started to learn languages like Go and Elixir.


My list:

  1. I would invest it on the startup I’ve working on alone the last year and probably hire some Elixir developers to help it release faster :slight_smile:

  2. Pay an University and finally got a bachelor

  3. Upgrade my computer

  4. Move to a another country, a more peaceful one


I agree.

Buy a house with land.

rent it and live there for project work

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I’d probably hire somebody to play on the market and try and increase my money – the financial system is quite parasitic but still quite present and people make loads of money every day on the stock market (and quite a few others related to it).

If we’re talking strictly tech, I’d probably just buy a home rack and make a lot of server infrastructure right in my home. I’m very interested in AI experiments – and I really do mean AI, not glorified statistics like the current “AI” is practicing. Additionally, I’d try and have 10_000+ small VMs so I can try and do simulations on decentralized network protocols; it really is about time for append-only internet-wide journal infrastructure to exist (which would also help with temporary outages).


I think the prices are similar with the center of France, and that amount money is just what I would need to buy back my grandparents’ house. Then I could spend my time and spare change to automate things everywhere. Would be fun!


I’d invest it in 25k chunks in early stage tech startups in Taiwan. Talent is great, internet speeds are among the best in the world, and the cost of living is low enough that 25k is enough to get to profitability.


I would consider starting my own WISP. Find an office to rent that can get a 1-2 Gbps fiber connection, then setup a relay on a tower somewhere with a lot of LoS of houses. At that point I’d be able to serve up to 150 mbps speeds to areas that previously had terrible internet. It sounds like a fun hobby to get started and because I wouldn’t be laying any of my own fiber the costs are dramatically lower ($25-30k to enter vs $150k+)

I’d probably do some research to see how viable something like this actually is.


Well, the guys that started it in my neighborhood a few years ago seem to be thriving. In fact, they’ve made enough that they’re now investing in fiber-to-the-house.


That seems to be the idea. Start out as a WISP and then slowly integrate fiber to be able to begin offering 1-2 Gbps connections closer to the city. From what I read it’s the reason Google stopped rolling out fiber was because it was substantially more viable to setup wireless options and detracted from what they were trying to accomplish.

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My family would gladly buy a house in Wales! We spent Thanksgiving break (late November) this past year in the countryside there and loved it.

Considering the USD->GBP exchange rate it was surprisingly affordable to spend time there. We’ll be back soon!

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