You just inherited $150,000


My family and I are traveling in an RV right now across the US, but we’ve talked about moving to Wales after our next trip is over and beginning a trip across Europe. We love experiencing all the cultures and meeting new people!

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Ah nice! Where in Wales have you thought about moving to? Have you been here before? Which parts?

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Devon is excellent. And enough cheap space that I can consider doing crazy stuff like running developer retreats.

I was in Bristol before London, so coming back south-west has been a longterm goal.

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Well, then I’m sure somebody must have died…

But honestly, I would invest that in the country house I inherited already ;).

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I went there when I was younger living with my uncle in Athlone Ireland. I don’t remember much but I just like the general location and the surrounding countries.

My family and I have learned through traveling that cultures can be so vastly different yet the same no matter where you go and we just like experiencing the differences.

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I’m lazy, I would just put the $150k in the TECL stock and try to forget it. TECL is an optioned index fund of tech companies, so it’s way more volatile, but returns are higher if the swings don’t scare you off. The numbers picking a winning start up (even your own) are against you.