You learn something new everyday

^^is a common saying - what did you learn today?

Whether related to the Elixir language or not, whether programming or tech related, please feel free to share anything you learned recently which you think might be of interest or might help others too :slight_smile:

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I am currently reading the brilliant Programming Phoenix (Pragprog) and have just learned about Timing Attacks (and how Phoenix and Comeonin can protect you from them! :003:)

Never heard of timing attacks before! :lol:


Timing attacks is technique widely used by hackers…

I remember that is also used for memory attacks.


Spectre is an example of a timing attack, and there is even a (relatively complex) new method to exploit this vector over internet:


Two days ago I learned that teeth braces can make your life a wide-awake nightmare! :091: :010: :icon_evil:

On topic, I found out that I have to learn a wider functional programming terminology, even if part of it are just aliases for stuff we know under other names. Things like functors, monads and stuff.

Wells, you should check if you’re not rendering template in that exact template. Took my about 15mins to somehow kill server and fix things.

Recursion is fun.

I found the progression and discussion in Haskell Programming from first principles most useful:

  • Chapter 15 Monoid, Semigroup
  • Chapter 16 Functor
  • Chapter 17 Applicative
  • Chapter 18 Monad

Starts simply while exploring the implications as the “laws” become more elaborate. Most products of the “internet monad tutorial cottage industry” focus too much on one particular instance (Maybe, State, IO monad) while really not illuminating the full abstraction hiding behind the “laws”.



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