Zed Code Editor

For now, Zed + LSP defaults are nice for my simple setup :slight_smile:

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Me too.
It has all that I need to write elixir applications.
And is fast as light!

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I used Zed for a few months, but recently the update messed up UI fonts (it now uses system fonts). To fix I had to add:

  "ui_font_family": "Zed Sans",
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Any idea how can I point Zed to where my Elixir installation is? It isn’t on the default path, and it can’t be, since I have many Elixir versions compiled in different directories.

On fresh install in mac, zed couldn’t find Elixir syntax highlighter. But afair it was there in previous versions.

You could set up direnv with an .envrc file in the root of each elixir project to prefix your PATH with the desired elixir destination.

I’m curious why, it seems, you’re not using a tool like asdf to manage your different versions?

I assume zed can handle environment changes like these.