Alternate for web folder inside phonenix version 1.6

i have one coruse for elixir in which they have using phoenix version 1.25 so they are having web folder inside it and now when i am try with that older version i get this Ecto.create failure error for this solution is to upgrade to latest version so in phoneix 1.6 & i dont have any web folder inside it so is that any alternate for the web folder in latest version of phoenix?

in 2023 makes sense to learn Phoenix on something more modern than 1.25, yes.


It’s better to use a guide for more recent versions of Phoenix as many things have changed for the better. Using a very outdated guide will only make you learn things that won’t work today and in the future.

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It has been renamed (or moved…) from web to app_web.
The main reason was to not to consider web as special, because You might want to render in something different than the web.

As mentionned by other, it’s not a good idea to use outdated tutorials. But it can be a good exercise to port old post to the latest Phoenix.

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@hubertlepicki @BartOtten @kokolegorille I need one suggestion from you guys is that any free or purchased course for elixir and phoenix latest version?? if there is do let me know, Because the course I am having right now is too much outer dated.

For Elixir, this is gold:

For Phoenix maybe try the official docs? Up and Running — Phoenix v1.6.15

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Okay Thank you for the help.

I actually meant it, the official docs are great.

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