Bringing the Absinthe tutorial up to date

Hi everyone,

Does someone want to participate to bring the Absinthe Tutorial to phoenix 1.4 with Dataloader and all that is needed to have a clear documentation?

Because i really want to learn Absinthe and I think this can help others as well.

Also experience isn’t required just willingness to learn.

What do you think community?



I cannot tell You for documentation, but I can tell You data loader is covered in this resource

This is a good complement to the book on Absinthe

I was interested in GraphQL before Absinthe, so I started to do it with node.js first.

I do understand these are paid resources, and might suit all needs, but You can start by learning dataloader as an independant tool…

Starting by this will help You understand how to integrate it with Absinthe later.

If You have all your context queries ready, this will help You build a batch of queries, to execute as one.

Dataloader is a great tool :slight_smile:


I come from nodejs so I have some familiarity with those topics the resources are great.

Also i already have that course.

What i was asking is to make a joint effort and bring the Absinthe official tutorial up to date so everyone can use it.

I will build a series on how this is done here


Part 2 is out


Nice guide. ^^

I found a typo in Section 1. You forgot the x of phoenix in the bottom link to Phoenix page. So the link doesn’t work.

  • OS: Linux , Mac , Windows with WSL or Virtual Linux
    (Virtual Box)
  • Optional: VsCode
  • Database: PostgreSQL My version: PostgreSQL 10
  • Programing languages(required): Erlang , Elixir . My versions: Erlang/23 OTP and Elixir 1.9.4
  • NodeJS above version 5, My version: NodeJS 12.4.0
  • inotify-tools (only for Linux Users)
  • Hex
  • Phoenix

To install them use the:


Thanks @Kurisu good catch, I updated the article.

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Part 3 is out


Clear and easy to understand as always. :+1:

About this part of the posts migration file I have a question.

# posts  table
      add :body, :string # Create the body column in the posts table

Will the “body” column store string of more than 255 characters length? If so, before running the migration I would suggest to change its type to :text

# posts  table
      add :body, :text # Create the body column in the posts table

This will allow to store post with unlimited length body in the database. The Post schema however is ok with the type :string for the body field.

But maybe you want to make this change in your next article. That is also fine.


Thanks @Kurisu for the appreciation on my work and follow up on this series.
@kurisu can you comment directly on the article page, so I can credit you for this update ragrding body :text?


I agree with @Kurisu

add :body, :text

it’s the correct.


Please see my reply on @Kurisu @romenigld

I will add what you guys suggested using an alter migration.

Also if you have any other opinions please feel free to express them, feedback is always welcomed.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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The update is live using Kurisu’s suggestion can be found here


Part 4 is out

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part 5 about testing is out


Part 6 out Homework

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Part 7 is out


Update regarding my writing