Build a Cryptocurrency Dashboard with Elixir and Phoenix LiveView

Hello everyone!

I’ve almost finished recording my Elixir and LiveView course! It’s packed with hours of in-depth tutorials, tips and app development.

It’s a journey where we go through the full development of a real LiveView application, which gets real-time data from many Cryptocurrency Exchanges and beautifully renders prices and charts on the browser of (potentially) thousands of users.

In this course we’ll see many topics!

The first part is all about the Elixir application

Crypto Exchanges APIs, WebSocket client with Gun and GenServer, Structs, Typespecs and Dialyzer, Behaviours and Callbacks, Macros, Phoenix PubSub, Application Design and Contexts, Protocols, Supervisors, CI/CD with GitHub actions + Gigalixir, Phoenix

Then we move to the web part, where we use LiveView to render the trades on a real-time dashboard

How LiveView works, Layouts, LiveEEx templates, Bindings, Clicks and Form events, Debounce, Live Flash Messages, Live Components.

And then, an advanced part

LiveSocket params, Real-time charts with JS hooks, Live Navigation, Performance and historical trades with queues and ETS.

You can use the ELIXIRFORUM coupon to get a $20 discount!

If you are just interested to the LiveView part, I’ve just released a free Introductory LiveView course. The lessons are free and standalone extracts taken from the full course.


I bought this course and have gone through it. It’s approach is quite different from other LiveView courses in that it builds a complete application with gen servers, APIs with websockets, and UI using LiveView. Highly recommended.


Thank you, I’m really glad you liked it :blush:


Thanks for the excellent discount :slight_smile:

I really love your way of teaching, at least from all the blog post I read until now.

Any special reason why PayPal is not offered as a payment option?


Thank you! :blush:

Because on Teachable, the platform where my course is hosted, to get custom payment gateways I should upgrade from the $39/month plan to the $119/month plan … A bit pricey for that extra option :sweat_smile: But I’ve received some requests about paypal, so I should maybe upgrade the plan…


That’s pricey for sure.

I guess you need to balance how many clients you may be loosing.

I am not a buyer for now due to the lack of time, but I can assure you that I don’t use any other payment that isn’t PayPal.

The reason is not because trust more in PayPal then Stripe, it’s just because I don’t like to spread my personal info and credit card details across providers, and especially I don’t like the fact that Stripe payments are embedded in the page. This makes me to loose all the credibility and trust in making a purchase in said site, because don’t know in how many places my data is ending up.

I wish all the success in your course, because you have talent to teach, and with no doubts you will succeed :slight_smile:


Since I’ve received other requests about PayPal, I’ve just enabled the PayPal payment method :smiley:

Thank you so much! :purple_heart:


Thank you @alvises , I have just purchased it using PayPal and the forum discount, looking forward to go through the material!


Thank you so much @ferrao !! I hope you like it and let me know how it goes :blush:

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