Free introductory Phoenix LiveView course

Hi everyone,

I’ve started releasing these LiveView lessons (videos and articles), which are free extracts taken from the bigger course Build a Cryptocurrency Dashboard with Elixir and Phoenix LiveView. If you are just interested to this introductory LiveView part, you’ll find everything you need to follow it without buying the full course!

We will code our LiveView Crypto Dashboard on the top of the Elixir application built in the first part of the full course.


I’ve just published a new lesson of the course! In the previous lesson we got a taste of the LiveView’s magic, in this lesson we are going to see how LiveView really works and what happens behind the scenes when a user connects.


Many thanks for sharing this for free :slight_smile:

I have added all of them to my Video Notes web app, for example the lesson for How Phoenix LiveView Works:

Screenshot from 2021-04-27 19-55-27

I find that taking notes from what I am learning helps me retaining more of it in the long term, and also forces me to better understand the subject in order to put it down in my won words :slight_smile:


Ah waw, that’s fantastic!

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Hey all!

Just published a new episode in which I explain:

  • Layouts, how they work with regular views and LiveViews.
  • How to update the page title in LiveView.
  • .leex LiveEEx template file

Hello everyone!

I’ve just published a new lesson of this free LiveView course. In this episode we see how to start coding user interactions with: bindings, debounce, live flash messages, click and form events etc.


Hey all!

It’s been a while. I really needed to take a few months of break from building content, so I could come back refreshed and with more energy!

I’ve just published two new episodes of this free LiveView course:

There are many new things in LiveView and I’m planning to create new content to fill the gap.