Deploying Elixir (Book)

I don’t know if it is still in progress, because there is no progress bar.
For example, here is progress bar and you are able to assume book progress.


@dgamidov I bought it and yes it seems to be a 13 page book BUT it says it’s in heavy development and they will be releasing the rest of the book as they progress. Anyway there’s a 90 days refund policy so if there are no updates in 90 days I’m gonna ask for a refund because right now all the info on there can be retrieved with a 5 minute Google search.

EDIT: Wow that book’s 10% complete and last updated a year ago. What kind of scam is that? :anger: :angry: :anger:

EDIT2: I’m actually referring to the other book @dgamidov posted in my first edit. This one: not the Deployment Book we’re discussing in this topic.


I have edited the first post asking people to view posts first - a book really does need to be more than 13 pages before it goes on sale, or this should at least be stated clearly


@sashaafm BTW, I mentioned that book as an example of progress bar - I have not read it.

I have just reached “Releasing Your Code” in “Programming Elixir 1.2” of Dave Thomas.
There is lot of information about releasing, deploying and upgrading application code :wink:


I actually read the book (not for Elixir 1.2, the previous one) but I don’t think I read that chapter. Maybe I skipped it since I was just starting at the time.

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Do not miss, that you can update your book to 1.2 for free


It says very clearly on the top left that the book is 13 pages. Not sure why there’s the confusion.

great resource thanks…

It will not be confusion if 13 pages were about deployment. At least 10. But not 3 pages for $10 minimum and $20 recommended.

And compare it with Dave Thomas Programming Elixir, which costs $25. 354 pages of valuable information.

BTW, Leanpub returned my money back.

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I totally get what you’re saying but just keep in mind that the book is only 10% done. There’s still another 117 pages to go. Even 13 out of 13 pages entirely on deployment won’t be enough to judge the quality of the book. So, I think it’s way too early to make claims that the book is a waste of money at this point.

I am ready to buy it again when (if) it will be worth to.
After your post I have checked and now there is progress bar and I can see that it is 10% complete, but 2 days ago there was no progress bar at all. And I was without information if this is the whole book and when there was last update :slight_smile:

Alan Harper, is it you?

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LMAO. No, I’m not Alan Harper. I just saw the book’s page and saw 13 pages and 10% and wondered what all the fuss was about. If it didn’t have that information 2 days ago, then your complaint and subsequent refund definitely changed that.

I’m hoping the book turns out good. We need to support our small community.

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Yes, there was no progress bar and last update information - this made misunderstanding.
I completely agree with you. We should support our community. And make it better.
I hope Alan Harper will see this thread and join our discussion. It will be great to know his plans on this book.
Writing books is huge labour and I didn’t want to demotivate anyone.

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@alamba78 and @dgamidov I kind of panicked at first because:

  1. Like it was said there was no information and no progress bar about the book so I thought it was a finished book

  2. It wouldn’t be the first time I see people trying to sell “great” books with “expert” content and then they’re just a dozen pages at most barely teaching you anything but the bare basics


I just saw this thread, but for those interested I’m working on a book, specific to releases, but with content that touches on deployment as well. I don’t have a specific release date in mind yet, since I want to finish the first pass of all the content first, but I’m hoping I can do that within the next 2-3 months. For those not using releases it may not be that useful, but I hope to make them appealing as an option for deployment, so it could still be interesting if you’re curious about them. It’s a topic I’m pretty passionate about, so I hope I can write more than 13 pages about it :wink:


Nice, let us know the details and we can add it to our book thread too :003:


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Will do, once I get some time to get a page up with details, I’ll make sure to post it there :slight_smile: