Developing With Elixir (Pragmatic Studio)

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Ruby programming was one of the best course I have taken. I can’ t wait !


I’ve also done their elm course, which is fantastic.


For the record, this course was opened for purchase today and the first five or six videos (with associated notes) are available.

I just purchased this course and watched the first couple of videos. The dialog is a bit corny, but the information is good so far. Looking forward to working my way through it.

Not corny… “charming” the dialog is charming :stuck_out_tongue:


I have watched all of the videos that they’ve released for the course thus far and this has been the best Elixir training resource for me personally to date.

If you’ve not done it, be sure to send Mike and Nicole a note. I’m sure they would appreciate your feedback.

Just bought the course, will post my thoughts later. Thanks for sharing this!

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How much TDD is there in the course? I bought the Elm course too. I don’t remember any (haven’t worked with Elm since), but I do remember that they did a great job.

There is a module on Testing. Mike and Nicole are very careful to point out that they are not teaching TDD “Dogma” but how to use ExUnit. Much of the course is done without developing tests.

@easco appreciate the reply. Thank you.

which version of Phoenix does this course target?

Most of the course is involved with building a custom web application that, in broad outline, clearly draws inspiration from Phoenix, but the course focuses on the fundamentals of Elixir. Where Phoenix is touched upon (close to the 2/3 point in the course) it uses Phoenix 1.3. But really, there is NOT a lot of Phoenix content here.

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Do you recommend this course for someone whose goal is to create Phoenix web applications? Or do you recommend Elixir for programmers by Dave Thomas more, or both the courses?

In my opinion, both courses offer a good introduction to Elixir and OTP. I don’t believe that either of them particularly focuses on Phoenix.

The Pragmatic Studio course (in an roundabout way) offers a good glimpse of how Phoenix is built, but will not give you much practical experience applying Phoenix itself.

Dave Thomas’ Elixir for programmers course will give you more practical, hands-on experience with Phoenix.


Did you actually take both of these courses, or assumed that like me (as a free member or visitor), from the table of contents?

BTW I will recommend Phoenix inside out (which I’m really currently) for anyone who wants to learn Phoenix.

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I took both, and both take Phoenix as an implementation detail… First they build engine, then they use text_client, then they use Phoenix.

As the Pragmatic Studio course is not yet finished, You may have more Phoenix… but I think the rest will be on Elm.

I think they want to emphasize that Phoenix is not your application.

If You are really into Phoenix, I advise the Programming Phoenix book, although You might get impatient waiting for 1.4 release, or Phoenix inside out (I did not read it).

@kokolegorille I believe you may be confusing two of the Pragmatic Studio courses.

You have described the Unpacked: Multi-Player Bingo class which is in progress. The topic of this channel is the Developing With Elixir/OTP class which is complete. I had assumed that the Developing With Elixir/OTP class was what @asfand was asking about and is the course that I was comparing to Dave Thomas’ Elixir for programmers course.

As you point out, the Unpacked: Multi-Player Bingo is very much like the Elixir for programmers course in outline (though Elixir for programmers goes into more detail about the underlying language). Both are similar to the book from the Pragmatic Programmers called Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix.


Oh yes, sorry… I did not take Developing With Elixir/OTP class, so I cannot speak about it.

I was speaking of Unpacked: Multi-Player Bingo, and Elixir for programmers :slight_smile:

I did watch both courses.