Recommended course for Elixir begineers?

Hi, an Elixir beginner here, mostly experienced with Python.

What online courses do you recommend? Ideally, project-based learning.

Thank you

I recommend, Programming Elixir, followed by Elixir in Action, and Metaprogramming Elixir. The reason I put that last is because improper use of macros is said to make code harder to read, so advanced users should be the ones writing macros.

I would say finally Adopting Elixir, as it has been recommended for people who want to go on to deploy their work.

When you have some basic knowledge. Try solving problems on You can submit your solutions and correct it by a mentor.

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If You are searching for video courses, they are some available…

It depends what kind of resources You are looking, because most are paid resources.

From @mikeclark and Nicole

This one is free…

From @pragdave

You also might find videos on… some are free

Maybe some more, that I forget…