Ecto Postgres GUI

Hello everyone,

I am looking to add something like PHPMyAdmin to view the data in my Postgres database (and modify it but not necessary). I just want to see my tables and my rows.

Is there any current go-to tool to do this for Phoenix? I installed the extension for Ecto for the live_dashboard, but it doesn’t seem I can view the data (only the table size).

The best would be to do like the dashboard : add a route like /dev/db or something like this that would show me an interface like PHPMyAdmin. Is there something like this? I found Kafky (but it seems to be more of a full-fledged admin panel) and ex_admin (but demo are down so I am not really sure it is the tool I need).

Thanks by advance for your help.

What this have to do with phoenix or ecto? PHPMyAdmin is a standalone tool that has nothing to do with the actual server/database you are running.

If you want your solution to be hosted on a server (as opposed making a connection to remote database ), then you can try pgAdmin.

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You may be interested in LiveAdmin (which uses your ecto schemas rather than just the DB)


Sorry for the late reply. It seems like this could work :+1: I will take a look at it and try to use it. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

IMO a good GUI for postgres is :person_shrugging:


I like pgweb.

It runs in browser, and thus can be run beside your postgres instance if you want!

Installation is easy: brew install pgweb

Starting it is easy as well: pgweb --url "postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/database_name" --listen 8000

Pgweb - Cross-platform client for PostgreSQL databases