Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix (Pragprog)



by Lance Halvorsen

Elixir and Phoenix are generating tremendous excitement as an unbeatable platform for building modern web applications. Make the most of them as you build a stateful web app with Elixir and OTP. Model domain entities without an ORM or a database. Manage server state and keep your code clean with OTP Behaviours. Layer on a Phoenix web interface without coupling it to the business logic. Open doors to powerful new techniques that will get you thinking about web development in fundamentally new ways.

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Can’t wait :003:

Phoenix is not your Application - questions
How would you recommend learning Phoenix today?
Would you recommend using MongoDB with Phoenix with current driver status in mind?
Book path recomendation for Ruby/Rails dev of 5+ years
How to use the spawn functions?
Resources for architectural design and key principals
Are there any books that cover achitecturing applications?
OTP and the microservices advent
When is it a good idea to reach for my own supervisor tree inside of a Phoenix application?
Help me decide between Phoenix Presence and a custom solution
Books on the design of web application architecture

Thanks for the hat-tip! I’m beyond excited for the beta launch. :grinning:


I bet you are Lance, congrats! And thanks for taking the time to write it and all your work on the Phoenix Guides :023:

I can’t wait to get my hands on the book, though it might be a while before I get around to reading it (got 3 or 4 other Elixir books to read first :lol:)


Take my money! Oh wait, you just did. :slight_smile:


Don’t forget you can get 25% off with your forum discount - with the code ElixirForum :023:


Sale tomorrow. Does it mean we get a better price tomorrow? Should I wait?


Sorry, no, it just means it will go on sale tomorrow. I’ll change the title now - tho you can blame PragAndy as I just copied what he said :lol:

You should be able to get 25% off with your forum discount tho.


money is leaving my wallet the second I get home.


Oooh, I’d love to work my way through this. Perhaps I’m overlooking something but it doesn’t look like it says how much of the content is currently available?


Looks like there are two excerpts that look already to be fairly well done.


Most of the book is already there! I currently need to complete two chapters, one on state machines and the other on supervisors.

They’ll be following along soon.


Sorry about the mix-up with the coupon everyone, it was my fault :icon_redface:

You can use the code ElixirForum to get your 25% off :023:

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Thanks, just purchased!


I can verify the code works properly. $16 for this book, $10 for the udemy course… it sure isn’t expensive at all to learn Phoenix.

I also want to attest to the high quality of this book. There is a lot of meat on the bone within it’s current 153 page PDF. I especially appreciate the target project being a game and not yet another ToDo list or blog.


Thanks! I just bought it!


Thanks for posting this (and the coupon) it sounds really exciting!


Is this based on Phoenix 1.3?


Cool |> done |> start_reading


I love the description of this book:

I am sure it’s going to inspire lots of people to try out Elixir :purple_heart:


Agreed. This addresses the exact question I’ve been having… “Do I need OTP with a web app? Where does it help?”

I just wish I didn’t miss out on the coupon :open_mouth: