Book path recomendation for Ruby/Rails dev of 5+ years

I just finished the “Learn Functional Programming with Elixir (Pragprog)” book. I have 5+ years of experience with Ruby/Rails, my goal is to become a high skilled Elixir/Phoenix developer.

What next book would you recommend for me?

Should I go straight forward to a Phoenix book or dive in a more advanced Elixir book before going into Phoenix learning?

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Phoenix does not really need more knowledge than this… If You come from Ruby/Rails You will find a lot of similarities, plus socket and channels which replace actioncable.

I would wait the upcoming Programming Phoenix 1,4, which should be available soon (maybe one month?!)

But if You want to expand your application with Elixir, I would recommand You to learn OTP.

I liked Elixir in Action a lot. There is also Programming Elixir 1.6, Phoenix inside out, etc.

You might like also Erlang books… but that might come after.


I also recommend this course:


If you’re coming from Ruby, I highly recommend Dave’s Programming Elixir (Pragprog) (PE) and @sasajuric’s Elixir In Action (Manning) (EIA) and read them as I did - see my reviews in their respective threads for details.

You will probably also want to read Programming Phoenix (Pragprog) (though I’d wait for the 1.4 version - that’s what I’m doing) and then Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix (Pragprog) (I might be starting on this myself soon).

I highly recommend PragDave’s course as per @Architect’s post above too (after PE and EIA) - I LOVED this course (again, see my review!)

There are also lots and lots of other awesome #learning-resources:books and #learning-resources:courses too - check out their threads and the reviews in them :023:

Welcome to the community! I’m sure you’ll love it here :slight_smile: