Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)



Hi, everyone!

I’m Eric Douglas from Brazil and I discovered Elixir in December 2016 I think…

Elixir is the most interesting and exciting technology I’ve ever seen, and a lot of this is due to EVM features.

I decided now to invest a lot to learn this technology and I hope to be active here in the forum and learn/help a lot!



Hi everyone! :wave:

It’s been quite time ago that I have joined this forum, but I never introduced myself here, so here I go! :smile:

My name is Iván González, I’m a passionate software developer from the north of Spain, interested in all kind of technologies. I have been working with Ruby and Rails almost my entire professional career, but last year I started to switch into Elixir and Phoenix, and now I use them in my current company to develop new products and I couldn’t be more happy.

You can find me over the internet as dreamingechoes, e.g. on Twitter or Github.

I used to write blog posts about software development and that kind of stuff some time ago but now I’m finishing my new website so I hope to put some content on the internet again ASAP and contribute on this amazing community.


Hi there, I’m Michał Turek (Slayful) from Poland, I used to consider myself a Java developer at heart, but now that I’m exploring Elixir I’m not that sure…

You can check me out on Github or Twitter.


My name is Jon - I both live and work near Grand Central in NYC.


Hello gang,

My name is Yevhenii, I’m a software developer who is happy to work with Ruby/Elixir on the daily basis


Hey everyone,

I’m Jason, and I’m a Elixir developer hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii. Came to Elixir/Phoenix by way Rails and I’m super glad to be here and to be able to work on production Elixir code!


Hello, world!

I’m Massimiliano Bertinetti from Italy!


My name is Adolfo Neto. I am an Associate Professor at Federal University of Technology - Paraná. I live in Curitiba, Brazil. I am a big fan of Lisp, Clojure and Prolog. As Elixir is based on Erlang (whose syntax is inspired by Prolgg), is a functional language and was created by a Brazilian, I had to try to learn it. I am reading Programming Elixir.


Hi I am Chris from London (UK)

My day job is mostly Groovy and I work a fair bit with BiqQuery.

I am still learning Elixir/Phoenix

I use a mixture of Windows, Ubuntu and Macs so have found some of the problems of non-portable hex packages.


Hey @adolfont, I’m from Curitiba too and we are organizing our first elixir meetup here!!! Please join us!!!


Hi, my name is Matthias and i live currently near to Vienna.


Hi, my name is Szymon and I’m from Poland. I come from Ruby / Rails world and I simultaneously learn and use Elixir / Phoenix / MongoDB stack in my current API project for about 3 months now. It was preety tough at the beginnig, especially without any prior experience in functional programming, Erlang or even Mongo database, but now I really starting to like that language as well as functional paradigm. Currently going through “Programming Elixir” book.


Hi, I’m Andrei from Brazil. Decided to learn a functional language here I am.

So far so good =P


Hey Andrei!!! Welcome! Where in Brazil do you live?


Brusque, Santa Catarina. Not too far from Curitiba xD


Indeed! Really near! I’m catarinense too. Born on Massaranduba, SC.


Hi, I’m Bruce from the USA. My background is mostly Ruby/Rails and I am picking up Elixir. So far it’s great!


Hello I am studying elixir from S. Korea


I’m Lexin Gong from China. I’m a ruby developer and learning Elixir right now.


I’ve decided to pick up Elixir due to it using the Erlang VM. I’ve wanted to learn Erlang for quite some time but never gotten around to it due to the more limited scope it’s useful for. Elixir, combined with Phoenix, is rather user friendly in comparison and I’m currently using it to build a web app.

Hello to you all!