Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)



I am Valentin from Graz. I am studying “Informationmanagement” at a University of applied science. I came to Elixir through my master thesis I am currently writing. It is about business process management and how to implement a special kind of runtime for them.

I really like programming in Elixir. It just seems more natural to me than typical OO languages (I mostly programmed in Java before that). With Java i always had the feeling that most systems are overengineered and more complicated than needed. Lets see if my own hype about Elixir will settle down or not :slight_smile:


Hello Valentin, here is Matthias from Wiener Neudorf :wink:


Hello Elixir World!
I’m Olivier from Switzerland. I studied biology but then switched to IT business. I learned functional programming with Haskell, but now want to learn Elixir for its very nice Phoenix framework. I’ve used Ruby on Rails in the past and loved it, but I really enjoy functional programming and Phoenix/Elixir seem to bring the best of both RoR and functional programming.


Hello everyone,

I have been around for a while, but did not introduce myself yet, I am very pleased to have received MOTM this month, so it is about the time to present myself.

I am Koko from Geneva/Switzerland. I am a former chess master, turned to IT/Linux, Ruby, JS and Elixir. I got smashed by FP… so different, and yet so powerful.

I enjoy been here, trying to help if I can, but also to learn a lot from bright people hanging around.


Hi everyone,

My name is Alex, I’m from Toronto, Canada currently living in Medellin, Colombia.

I actually came from Java (Spring), and only after learning about Elixir finally bit the bullet and tried ruby as well, though I personally liked hanami more so than rails :slight_smile:


Hello everyone
Really liking this community after a few days immersed here. I’m Tyler from Seattle these days and years back was a Prolog programmer. I remember experimenting with erlang years ago hoping to go functional in the internet world but couldn’t economically make it work. When I heard about Elixir was like THIS IS IT… the solution! Now it’s all I want to program in.
Looking forward to many years programming with you all.


Hello everyone

Just found this introduction thread, so presenting myself.

I am Pankaj from Pune/India. I’m the founder @aviabird. I began my journey with plain ruby on rails. Rails changed the way we develop next generation apps for startups. It was really fun. Also worked on golang, when rails used to reach it’s limits. Then I started working on Angular2+, that started my journey to start doing open source activities.
You can see our contributions here https://github.com/aviabird .

Then when I heard about elixir which was somewhat performant like golang, but was like ruby, it completely blew my mind. I had never seen a response time in microseconds in rails, which was there in phoenix.

Every bit of elixir is cool and top notch. I’ve decided to take Elixir as our companies core feature. And we are trying not to keep any loose ends.

I enjoy being here, currently learning to code the elixir way from all the bright people hanging around here.


Hello Elixir World

I’m László from Hungary where I work remotely for a cooperative based in London called 100Starlings. I have been doing Ruby development for more than a decade and have played with Elixir for a couple years now. However, we recently started our first serious Elixir project.

Hoping to be helpful in the community.

Let me know if you’re also from Hungary. :slight_smile:


Ahoy, I’m Bonk from SF!


Hey, I’m Micael from Portugal, I’ve been working with Ruby on Rails and stumbled upon elixir/erlang/functional programming somehow, read a bit, it made sense so I started learning it - I’m building a game with elixir/phoenix/vue and so far it’s been amazing - I almost don’t feel like writing ruby anymore - plus, the game is about wizardry, so elixir fits right in there with the potions and stuff


Hi, I am Ryan from Laos :laos:. I program as a hobby and previously used C# and JavaScript. Just started learning Elixir and enjoying it!


I’m w33 and I live in China. I’m a beginner in the programmer world. Try to program something that let me feel awesome.


Hello World, I am Tomaz from Slovenia, Europe. Nice to meet you.


Hello Elixir World, My name is Saint from Philippines. :sunny:


After ten years of commercial programming…
Next after two years of zero LoC at all I feel little hungry once more…
Now learning Elixir, coz there can be some power in this magic potion maybe…

Marcin greets from Poland.


Hello, World! I’m Alibek, never learned functional programming languages. Super excited about getting to know more about Elixir!


Hi everybody! I’m Maciej, currently a front end developer, but I wanted to expand my horizons a little and Elixir got my attention :wink:


Hello to everyone! I am Ahmet from Istanbul/Turkey.


Hello World, I am Ramon from Brazil, nice meet you all!


Hello world! I am currently traveling around in an RV while working as a freelancer. I started out with Ruby and just recently moved to Elixir.